SeaWorld on Standby for Oil Spill Off Huntington Beach!

SeaWorld has stated that they are on standby due to a large oil spill that happened off the coast of Orange County. The spill happened just off of Huntington Beach and will require a mass coordinated group of individuals to help with injured sea life. It just so happens that SeaWorld is connected to Oiled Wildlife Care Network. This means that they are ready and prepared to put together a team that will help with any sea life injured due to the oil spill. Kim Peterson, who is the supervisor, stated that she and her team are on standby and are ready and willing to help immediately.

What Standby means is that the team is prepared to bring in a variety of species through their doors in hopes to bring them back to good health and standing. In total, there were over 100,000 gallons of crude oil spilled off the coast of Orange County. This means that a large concern will be the migrating sea birds in that particular area and making sure they are brought in for medical attention. So far, Oiled Wildlife Care Network stated that only four birds in total have been brought in for medical care.

Although the number of birds brought in is low now, the executive director of Oiled Wildlife Care Network stated that it could potentially be weeks to months before anyone witnesses the full effect of the oil spill. As SeaWorld can hold up to 20 sea otters and 200 sea birds at a time, the facility will have plenty of space and staff to help any species in need of medical attention. Staff members at SeaWorld stated that there is no better feeling than to release an animal back into the ocean after bringing it back to life and good health.

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