Learn About Fortress Investment Group And Its Accomplishments

Fortress Investment Group is a leading company, with its headquarters in New York dealing with firm management. The firm was established in 1998 and since then, its net worth has managed to rise to greater levels. It has also managed to attain its financial goals and helped its customers grow to greater ranks. Since its establishment, the firm has managed to expand and diversify opening subsidiaries in various parts of the globe. The company has also managed to acquire assets from various industries. Some of the places the account is acquiring assets from include media, logistics, transportation, energy, technology, and real estate.

Fortress Investment Group, with its headquarters in New York, has been integral to most of its customers. The company has a group of experts’ integrals in offering the skills needed in offering company services. It provides the right guidance to customers who are looking forward to investing. Besides offering the needed experts, the company also focuses on private equity, asset-based funding, capital markets, and operations management.

The top leadership skills of Fortress Investment Group are another factor that has contributed to the significant growth of the firm. The firm has also successfully dealt with mergers and acquisitions with one of its acquisition’s companies being SoftBank. The company has been used in acquisitions of financial services and asset holdings acquisitions. Fortress Investment Group is expected to expand and also assist its acquisitions to heighten to greater heights. The leadership skills and high level of professionalism from the company’s team of experts are a leading factor towards its growth.

The company’s co-founders are Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. Its executive officer is in charge of overseeing the firm’s operations and ensuring everything is streamlined and runs smoothly. For over 15 years, Peter Briger has been working in the finance and management sector. He has served at Goldman Sachs for several years as its head. To learn more visit: here.