Brandon Taubman: CEO, Baseball Recruiter & Real Estate Investor

Brandon Taubman is a CEO, baseball recruiter, and real estate investor in data analytics. In this interview, he discusses the importance of data science in baseball recruiting and real estate investing. He also shares his insights on the role of data analytics in business decision-making.

In the interview, Brandon Taubman explains how he started his career in data analytics. He also talks about what inspired him to pursue a baseball recruiter and real estate investor.

Brandon Taubman shares his insights on the role of data science in business decision-making, as well as why companies should invest in technology like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to make their businesses more efficient and competitive. The interview is full of examples from both the sports recruiting and property management industry! In this blog post, we share some highlights with you: How did you get into baseball scouting? What inspired me was getting recruited by George Washington University when they were Division III national champions – I had such an interest my dad worked as an advisor for me through high school. It opened my eyes to how better things were getting done when people worked together.

How has technology changed baseball scouting? Technology has completely transformed the way we scout and evaluate players, from traditional video analysis techniques like stop-motion photography or frame-by-frame breakdowns of swing mechanics until today’s use of Rapsodo data which can give us detailed information about a player’s performance in real-time! The biggest change I have seen is that now everyone uses similar tools. Still, there are so many different ways they interpret their findings, so it becomes more important than ever before to be able to explain why certain conclusions might not fit well with other theories out there – we are all trying to get better, so there is a lot of healthy debate in the industry!

What impact has data science had on your work as CEO and baseball recruiter? Data analytics have impacted my ability to make better decisions as both a CEO and baseball recruiter. Seeing trends or patterns in large data sets that may not be immediately obvious can help me focus on areas that I might not have otherwise considered. Additionally, using tools like machine learning or artificial intelligence, businesses can automate tasks that would traditionally require human analysis – this can free up valuable time for employees to focus on more important strategic initiatives! Read more about Brandon Taubman