Krishen Iyer – The Insurance Consultancy King of Encinitas

Krishen Iyer founded MAIS Consulting in 2020. Iyer, a graduate of San Diego State University and a local to California, actively seeks out insurance companies in the Fresno area to develop. He is also well-known for his philanthropic work and generous charitable donations. Krishen Iyer began his career within the insurance field and has not lingered far since then, given his ownership of MAIS Consulting.


It is a consulting servicing company that offers contracting, marketing, and strategic growth consulting. His first job was within the insurance sales field. After getting his feet wet in the insurance industry, he felt he had to take on more of an active role. This led Krishen Iyer to develop MNP Insurance. After reaching exceptional growth, Krishen Iyer sold the company and created Managed Benefit Services, MBS for short.


MBS was a marketing firm and insurance company that focused on lead generation. Like MNP Insurance, Iyer led MBS to tremendous growth and sold MBS. MAIS Consulting is Iyer’s newest insurance company, and it is likely to be even more of a success (Rushprnews).¬†


Iyer, like always, has shot for a client-first approach by prioritizing transparency and awareness above all other values. Recently, MAIS has helped develop Nashville-based recording studio Nashvox. Krishen Iyer is truly a “people person”, and spends a lot of his free time doing social activities – like volunteering for Make-A-Wish and Wounded Warrior, spending time with his family, and playing tennis.