The Successful Career of Peter Briger

Over the years, Peter Briger has made a name for himself in the business world as a tremendous leader and shrewd businessman. His hard work and determination have left an impact on every organization that has hired him.

Peter Briger at Goldman Sachs

Peter got his big break when he scored a gig with the renowned company, Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is an investment banking company with operations all over the world. He began his journey in the company as a junior employee and with time made his way up to senior positions. He was once a mere employee in the department of operation, then he proceeded to the management of the department and eventually become a principal. He reached his peak when he became a partner in 1996. Goldman Sachs instilled in his business as well as leadership prowess. Peter Briger left the firm in the year 2002 and joined yet another banger by the name of Fortress Investment Group.

At Fortress Investment Group

When he joined the prestigious investment management company, he began serving the role of collaborative chairperson. Peter saw potential in the company and therefore led it to publicize a move that resulted in Fortress becoming a huge success. He was also put in charge of the credit and real estate department of the company. in 2016 he became one of the company’s directors.

When Fortress was acquired by SoftBank at the end of 2017, Peter, among the other principals in the company walked away with more than a billion dollars. This came from the sale of his millions of shares at the price of 8.08 dollars per share. This led him to the rank of 407 in the list of World Billionaires according to Forbes.

Other Endeavors


Peter Bridger holds positions in several other organizations. These include the Tipping Point where he is a member of the board. He also serves on the board of the Caliber Schools. Both these organizations are aimed at serving the community, one being dedicated to the cause of helping families with low income and the other is a youth foundation.