David productivity hacks

How to Hack Your Business productivity with David Black’s productivity hack.
Businesses are constantly looking to increase their productivity. They want to work from home more often, have more time to focus on their careers and make more money. But what if you’re not a naturally gifted communicator and not a naturally talented manager. This blog post will learn how to hack your business productivity with three simple productivity hacks.

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Set Up a Distraction-Free Environment
One way to hack productivity is to set up an environment where you can focus on what matters. That environment should consist of a distraction-free space and a set schedule. Here are a few ways to set up a distraction-free office:

– Put away all your little toys, games, and other distractions. Your mind needs to be 100% focused on what’s happening in the present moment. You can counter this by playing random games and laughing with your coworkers, but your brain needs to be unplugged from all this negative stimulation.

Boost Your Brain’s Left-Handedness
The human brain is made up of Left and Right hemispheres. The brain’s left hemisphere controls things such as grammar, math, logical thinking, and more. However, the right hemisphere specializes in language, math, visualization, and more.
One hemisphere of our brain controls our actions when we’re unbalanced, while the other is “receiving” information and “assigning” tasks. This imbalance can result in several symptoms, including:

– Confidence and shyness. Your personality relies on how you’re balanced. If you’re more comfortable speaking in a lower voice, then that’s how you should be. But for the most part, try to stay in your dominant hemisphere- speaking and writing in a loud voice is solely in the right hemisphere.

Productivity can be a challenge for any business professional, whether in management or an owner-operator. When it comes to growing your business, productivity hacks can help you stay more focused on what’s happening in the present moment while still having the time to do the things that matter.