Activision Blizzard Dominates!

Activision Blizzard has recently ceased its operations in Russia as a direct result of the recent, ongoing Russia – Ukraine invasion taking place by the maleficent Vlad Putin. Thankfully, Activision Blizzard has chosen to stand on high ground and take its rightful place among countless other businesses and brands (both in the gaming sector and outside of it, too, respectfully) in not supporting the atrocities that this mad, Satanic madman is committing on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, his war crimes, in quantity and degree, have far surpassed that of any insane, modern day dictator or tyrant, respectively. Learn more click HERE

It was about time that the amazing Activision Blizzard said enough was enough, and they did so, proudly shutting the door to all Russian operations and finance in the last month or so alone. In fact, they were willing to take a slight financial loss and overhaul in the name of standing up for what is right. Though such a bold, correct move has cost many businesses possibly thousands (and in the case of Activision Blizzard, possibly millions), they’d rather take the loss and side with their convictions, which we are more than proud to praise them for as well.

May Ac. Blizzard continue to make great games in other countries and spread the word about the awful things that horrible Putin is doing by the hour, putting an end to his monstrosities once and for all (this we pray). Let’s all stand together with Activision, with the people of Ukraine, and with the rest of the world that opposes this war and continues to fight for our global human rights everywhere. Let’s all come together and act as one voice, and make a difference. We all have a voice to share in this ongoing fight for freedom!