Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Using Scaling business using Effective Management and Capital Investment

A leader must identify and capitalize on opportunities, anticipate challenges and strategize to scale up. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, CEO of Hawkers, did all this to grow his company’s sunglasses brand. He grew the company from a small-scale operation to a global player with a market cap of $47 million.

With a focus on creating an “urban cool” brand, the company is focused on establishing itself as the favorite sunglasses brand for stylish and well-dressed urbanites. This company has successfully raised over $1million in funding from investors like Valar Ventures, Goro Ventures, and WSX Venture Partners, which has allowed the company to expand into new markets like China and Japan. Hawkers could scale up to find the right management team and use its resources to create a successful brand.

The Founder’s Background and Success in Business

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a native of Venezuela who was born in the city of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia. He joined Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, pursuing business administration and economics. Alejandro also served as the leader of the university’s student government. He became an entrepreneur by founding O’Hara Administration, which focuses on providing administrative services to Latin American and African companies.

Reaching the Market and Marketing Trends

To stay competitive, Hawkers needed to change its marketing strategy. To succeed in today’s world of digital marketing, you have to “go where your customers are already going.” This means that you need to be more efficient with your advertising strategies and use the latest digital marketing trends to reach your target audience. Additionally, Hawkers needed a new way of taking care of their customers. They decided to implement a customer-centric approach, which resulted in better customer service and higher conversion rates.

Promoting the Brand and Keeping the Company Going

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez recognized the brand and saw an opportunity to invest his time, capital, and expertise to scale up Hawkers without giving up control of the business. His strategy for keeping control of Hawkers is to promote their brand by leveraging social media and SEO while simultaneously keeping costs low.

Partnerships and Mergers

Under Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Hawkers has partnerships that allow the firm to offer its products at exclusive prices. The partnerships have also enabled them to expand their market base and accelerate the growth of their brand.