Alex Pissios Recap


Alex Pissios Recap

Alex is a blogger who recently announced that he was going to be stepping down from his blog, Alex Pissios Recap. He also wrote an article talking about the future of blogging in general and how social media has changed the world of blogging. One thing that Alex reiterated throughout his article was that people need to be more active on social media to grow their audience. “For example, I was not consistent enough with my activity on Twitter and Facebook to grow my reach”. Alex had 746 followers on Twitter, 157 favorites on his tweets, and 1120 friends on Facebook, but only 30 Total interactions (likes + comments) for the month of October. These numbers are much lower than his numbers for September. According to Alex, what he should have been doing was posting links back to his blog on Twitter and Facebook daily to try and gain more followers as well as get a larger audience for his blog.

Alex Pissios Recap also mentioned how Alex has always had a passion for social media especially twitter. “I started tweeting on December 27th, 2009 with 3 tweets” Alex said in his article. By the end of January 2010 he had close to 100 followers. Again, this was before he was consistently posting links back to his blog daily on twitter. “If I would have been a more consistent Twitter user, this number may be even higher today” Alex said in his article.


Alex hopes that future bloggers take away the fact that social media is an important part of blogging and should be used daily to ensure growth of an audience. Alex also hopes that future bloggers start to build a bigger audience on Facebook and Twitter. “We need an active audience on social media so we can reach our readers” Alex said in his article.

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