A Recap of Jake Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are two mega brains that have in the past worked together in the healthcare business. In 2000, as a portfolio manager, Jacob worked with Merlin, a company co-founded by Weisbrod. The company dealt with investment management, focusing on various aspects of the healthcare sector. Weisbrod academic backing enabled him to run the company well as he has a Ph.D. In Biochemistry, MBA in Finance and a BA in Chemistry all from reputable universities.

Gottlieb managed to make Merlin pull huge returns, but it stopped operations in 2000.Weisbrod moved on to start Iguana Healthcare Partners which focused on public companies also in the healthcare sector. On the other hand, Gottlieb also started Visium Asset Management in 2008. The financial crisis in 2008 did not cause any ripples in the company as it grew to have a hedge of $8 billion with offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Unfortunately, in 2016, Visium had to close its curtains, three of its executives were accused of insider trading and mismarking. Visium has neither denied nor accepted the charges but has complied to pay almost $10 million in fines and disgorgement. Gottlieb has been cleared of any illegal actions with regards to the scandal and has never been accused. Gottlieb continues to work as the CEO of Visium returning investors’ funds and winding down the company.

While winding up Visium, Gottlieb is looking to start off a fresh page starting the company Altium Capital another hedge fund. With Gottlieb’s great history in the healthcare business, Altium’s first investment was Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc with a 5.61% stake. Oramed started in 2006 and has since continued to transform the way medical treatments are administered. Among its greatest products is an oral insulin capsule, which replaces the use of injected insulin.

This is seen as a great highway for people living with diabetes and related conditions. It has been received with open arms in some parts of the world and continues to gain popularity. Gottlieb saw Oramed’s ability to transform the healthcare sector and thus made the strategic move.

Flavio Maluf on Brazil’s Agricultural Business Earning Reports in June

Brazilian earnings reports for their agricultural business have been released for the month of June and the country has shown a decrease in 0.7% when compared to June of last year. The earnings reports were released on July 13 of 2018. Eucatex, one of Brazil’s most prominent agricultural companies is responsible for the release of the reports and Flavio Maluf, Eucatex president, stresses that Brazil has shipped approximately 47 tons of grain in the first half of 2018, which correspond to an approximate $18.5 billion U.S. dollars. Visit their website: https://flaviomalufoficial.com/

Maluf states that the agriculture business in Brazil takes in all the small, medium, and large rural production and combines the activities in order to supply goods and services to the agriculture production, processing, and distribution of all agricultural products for the consumer.

Flavio Maluf comes from a long line of businessmen and politicians. His family has instilled in him excellent business and management skills that he has used to create an empire in the Brazilian agricultural market. He has a degree in mechanical engineering but the focus of his career has always been business related. he states he is very interested in the evolution of technology and the uses it will bring about to the agricultural business. He is also very interested in the online aspects of running a business and the different uses that the internet can contribute to his company. Maluf’s business philosophy is to always know what the consumer want. His years of expertise tell him that consumers usually want innovation and novelty, so it is always up to the company to constantly come up with new and innovative ways to bring products and services to the consumers. He always tries to be on par with the times, and that’s why Eucatex was the first company in the world to offer environmentally friendly products in early 2001.

Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.


The Rise of Alex Hern as an Industry Captain

Alex Hern currently works at Tsunami VR as Co-Chair, CEO, and Co-Chief Executive Officer. He also serves on the board of Silicon Valley Internet Capital as an Executive Vice President as well as its Co-Chairman since it began. For the past ten years, Mr. Hern focuses his efforts on incubating and developing tech startups. Despite a tight schedule, Alex Hern still finds time to serve on the boards of organizations such as Inktomi and IRDG, Triton Network Systems, ArcSight, Brainbuzz.com, Mobile AirWaves, and CloudShield. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Mr. Hern previously worked for New Homes Realty as the Manager before joining yesmail.com as a board member and co-founder. Alex Hern also served on the board of yesmail.com through IPO until when CMGI acquired it for $650 million. Mr. Hern also worked for Radialpoint as a Manager and Inktomi Corporation as a co-founder and board member. As the Managing Director of Tsunami Studios, Alex Hern specializes in the development of simulation, 3D rendering, visualization, and animation solutions. The firm also provides on-demand performance assessment services, and its AI-powered devices are compatible with any electronic gadget. Tsunami is the latest endeavor of Alex Hern, and it serves industries such as manufacturing and construction, healthcare and life sciences, aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial equipment, and energy. Follow Alex Hern on linkedin.com.

At Tsunami VR, Alex Hern specializes in developing solutions to make workplaces more efficient than before. Tsunami VR is a digital workstation, which comprises Tsunami Workplace and Tsunami Studio, which focuses on the visualization of 3D solutions. Alex Hern has an extensive educational background and has been working across multiple industries, which have enabled him to hone his managerial skills. Mr. Hern has worked across seven sectors including Health and Life Science, Industrial Equipment, and Construction and Manufacturing. He has been instrumental in the exponential growth of Tsunami VR as its co-chairman and co-chief executive officer.

View: http://5g.ucsd.edu/content/alex-hern

Robert Ivy Receives a Lifetime Success Award

In his lifetime, Robert Ivy did not imagine that he would one day receive an achievement award. The current CEO and EVP of the American Institute of Architects was recently honoured by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a unique moment for Ivy and other architects since the award has always been dedicated to art patrons and artists from Mississippi. Other honourees that have received the award in the past include Walter Andersen in 1989, Leontyne Price in 2000, Eduora Welty in 2001, and Shelby Foote in 2004. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.


Robert Ivy’s success that led to the award


The Architect has been the American Institute of Architects (AIA) CEO as from 2011. He is also an editor, author, and a professional architect who makes his qualify for being an architectural ambassador. Throughout his tenure at AIA, he has been able to expand the company’s influence on the global arena and is currently having over 10,000 active memberships. Through Ivy’s help, AIA has created an enormous impact worldwide and recently managed to open two of its chapters in Canada and China.


Robert Ivy was acknowledged during the day of the award as an extraordinary architect with good character to deserve the special honour. He joined the list of several artists and writers on the 2nd of June because of his contribution to the world of architecture. The president of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Nancy LaForge, highlighted that no one is more dedicated and accessible to the public like the architect. She argued that it was Ivy’s rightful place to receive the honour.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ2CmY7_W5o


About Robert Ivy


Before the renowned architect joined AIA, he was the chief editor of Architectural Record at McGraw Hill. During this period, the newsletter had a significant following across the world and was awarded several honours for achieving excellence. The exemplary architect was also associated with the construction and design of the company while it was growing. Before leaving McGraw Hill, he launched the Architecture Record’s mandarin version which attracted more people to the company. He clearly remains an exceptional professional in architecture. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Milan Kordestani using traditional ways to grow saffron

 Milan Kordestani attended the Phillips Brook Elementary School while they lived in Stanford, California. In 2009 the family had to live in London, England that’s when the parents divorced in 2009. After they moved to London, he had to join the Eaton Square School. The high school he attended was Sacred Heart Preparatory after they moved to Bay Area where he graduated in 2017. Through the achievements that he has achieved in life, there is one that is outstanding from the rest at Milan Farms Milan Kordestani is the founder and CEO of the company. At the Huffington Post, he offers his services as a writer of the company. The other thing that he is doing with his life is that at the San Francisco Bay Area he is a student.

Milan farm was founded in 2015 so that he will have something that he can use so that to raise poultry in a humane and organic system and the other thing that they would do is growing of saffron that was 100% pure. The one goal that the company has is that they will be able to offer customers an honest option. That’s why they ensure that the way they will raise their animals is by using the transparency method and for the plants, they will use nothing but organic options.

The one thing that Milan farm focuses on is offering an honest opinion to their customers, because if the customer knows what they want, then that’s what they should be offered. In 2016, Milan Farm decided that they would become a trademarked company. From that time they expanded to three more farms. While they will make sure that they maintain the traditional way of growing the saffron they will still be ready to accept any innovation that is presented to them. That’s why they are taking time to research on the hydroponic that will be the best alternative to the drip irrigation. The other thing that they are investigating on is the aquaponic system that they can use so that to grow saffron. Both have been showing a tremendous success, but still, they are carrying experiments so that to be sure of the two.

Southridge Capital And Their Outreach To Help Others

Have you heard of Southridge Capital LLC? If you are facing financial problems, this is a company you should know more about.


Recently, Coolayla posted an article entitled, “How Southridge Capital Has Helped Thousands”. In this article, it is discussed in detail how the Connecticut-based company has done so much good. This company works in the area of money and they have helped many people with their financial woes. Coolayla goes on to discuss just why this company has been so helpful to others and how it can be helpful to you, too.


Southridge Capital knows that people across the world are struggling with debt. That’s why they are here to help.


Why struggle every day to pay your bills or wonder if you will have enough to make ends meet? And why lay awake at night wondering if you’ve saved enough for retirement? The article from Coolayla goes on to say that whether you’re an individual or you represent a company, Southridge Capital is able to provide services to help you with your financial struggles. Coolayla also points out that Southridge does all their work for extremely reasonable fees that most can afford.


Southridge Capital was also recently featured in the news by Companies on the Move. This was an exclusive profile of their company with all the information needed to contact them and work with them. Check out releasefact.com



In this article, it is detailed how Southridge Capital they provide a wide array of financial services to help a diverse profile of clients. In fact, they have just recently reinvented their brand to better help reach and help new, potential clients. People and companies can trust Southridge with the utmost confidence to help them, as they have been successful in providing services to thousands. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital is run by their CEO, Stephen Hicks.



Reference: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538


Innovative Coffee Organization Organo Gold

Innovative Coffee Company

Organo Gold is a modern coffee company who supports customers in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Organo Gold also offers healthy supplements options in their stores for their customers. The coffee trend began in New York in the 1970’s and took off with the nationwide expansion of Starbucks in the 1980’s. There has been a massive cultural presence that cornerstone coffee companies offer. Watch this video on Youtube.

They foster an environment for a comfortable atmosphere to create friendships & meetings. Organo Gold is a contributor to this culture trend. The company offers a wide array of products in the coffee industry. They have a vast product line which primarily focuses on organic ingredients. This is in hope to provide the healthiest product possible to their customers as way to differentiate themselves for others in the highly competitive industry. Visit Orguniversity.com to know more.

Innovative Business Practices

In addition to offering organic products, the company is innovative in their business model. The coffee company allows customers to purchase directly from their them in order to lower costs and increase efficiency. There is an increased demand for coffee and coffee culture on the west coast in cities like Portland, San Francisco, & Seattle. The innovative organization was founded in 2008 and is making great strides in successful practices in the industry. Also, the company offers opportunities for supporters of their coffee to become independent distributors. This can be beneficial for both the individuals marketing the products as well as the organization. The product is great for individuals who prefer an active lifestyle and a healthy product.

Check: https://www.linkedin.com/company/organo-gold

Guilherme Paulus Achievements In Spurring Growth Of Brazil Tourism Industry

Great entrepreneurs are recognized through their contribution to the growth of the economic sector. Their versatile leadership offer life-changing opportunities for employment to people. Guilherme Paulus is among the entrepreneurs in Brazil who has contributed in impacting people’s lives in Brazil.

Mr. Paulus is the chairman of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens, which is the largest tour operator in Brazil. Since its establishment in 1972, CVC has brought radical transformation in the country’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Today Guilherme Paulus has become the most prominent figure who is widely respected in the Brazilian tourism sector. His knowledge and understanding of the tourism sector have impacted the country positively. CVC serves an average of 3 million passengers per annum. The consistent number of clients is attributed to Mr Paulus innovations to change the industry. Over the years, the tour company has been able to increase its market value tremendously.

After years of operating CVC, Guilherme Paulus ventured into the hospitality industry. He opened one of the largest hotel networks in the country called GJP Group. The group of hotels has many branches across the country. GJP hotel networks are valued at over $500 million. The hotel networks aims to reach a large number of tourists throughout South America. According to Mr Paulus, the secret to success in the hospitality industry is offering quality services to customers. This ensures they receive maximum satisfaction based on their needs.

The role played by Guilherme Paulus has provided positive evolution to the Brazil tourism and hospitality sector. Under Mr. Paulus leadership, his businesses have been able to withstand all the market challenges. Through the years of operations, the companies have offered quality services to tourists visiting Brazil. His contribution in the tourism sector enabled him to be selected as the board member of Brazil tourism sector. Mr Paulus considers his great achievement as spurring tourism activity in the country. Forbes list of billionaires recognized Paulus achievements that have contributed to the booming business in the Brazil tourism industry. The entrepreneur plans are to come up with more residential projects. This will help to boost the hotel and hospitality sector in the country due to the increased number of clients in the market.

Why Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a reputable leader

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is known as a successful dental surgeon. He has used his experience and skills to save the lives of many people. He has in the past worked with many institutions to become recognized in the society. Many institutions have known him because of the excellent leadership skills that he has used to shape others. He has also used these skills to run Jamati institutions successfully. Dr. Shafik Sachedina also controls the Ismaili organization. He is the one responsible for the management of most programs in the institution. It started with a goal of enlightening the Muslim community.

It wanted them to learn about their culture and history so that they can be informed, people. Since it started, it has expanded to create many branches. The expansion is to ensure people can have access to the education they provide. The Aga Khan Network delivers the learning services, and many people have so far connected and are getting these services because of the Ismaili institution’s support. The best part of Dr. Shafik Sachedina is getting the privilege to attend one of the critical training. He attended the University of London which is a prestigious institution. He obtained proper training at Guy’s Hospital and Dental school. Here is where he started his career in dental surgery and later left to start practicing.

While working as dental surgery, he developed entrepreneurial skills and got interests to venture into business. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a volunteer at the Jamati institution where he provides excellent services. He is also a co-founder of Sussex healthcare and leads it to ensure it is performing well. He is the chairman of the organization and people are happy with the services he provides. The institution is a well-known one when it comes to the provision of services to older adults. Those who have disabilities have also found it to be one of the best places where they can live happily. The organization is committed to ensuring all the clients get the best services they deserve. With the proper leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, the institution will continue helping others to live better lives.

Impressionable Facts about Luiz Carlos

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has brought a revolution in the banking sector of Brazil over the recent years. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco and he has shown a great passion towards delivering the best services to his clients. Luiz has shown persistence in his career and due to his determination to achieve the best; he has adopted innovative strategies to fuel the growth of the various financial institutions he has served. Luiz Trabuco was appointed in the firm at a time it was facing various challenges to operate. Through his persistence, he helped the firm acquire back its fame as one of the best and most reliable financial institutions in the country by purchasing a subsidiary of HSBC’. Itaú Unibanco was the main competitor of Bradesco and though they had won over the bank, Carlos regained the glory of the firm by making it win over its competitor in terms of the total account holders it had, assets and investment funds. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Trabuco.

His educational background has also seen him acquire a great reputation as well as notable successes in his career. Luiz Carlos Trabuco acquired his degree in philosophy from the University of São Paulo’s. He proved to possess great leadership skills through his ability to bring his team of workers together and encouraging them to be inventive for the success of Bradesco bank.

Visit: https://glamurama.uol.com.br/lucilia-diniz-e-luiz-carlos-trabuco-curtindo-o-ano-novo-na-ilha-de-comandatuba/

The contributions of Trabuco to the growth and development of the financial institutions in the country saw him gain a great reputation. He has been accredited by many people and he was also honored as the Insurance Personality of the Year in 2003 and 2007. He is an inspiration to many people and he has striven to share his counsel with all interested parties. He also exhibits strong analytic skills and he has effectively identified the possible risks associated with ventures. Through his knowledge, Carlos has helped investors identify the best strategies to adopt in their business operations so as to prevent their businesses from being dragged back. His banking and financial skills have made him acquire a household name in Brazil and his ability to bring innovation to the field of banking is impressive. Learn more about Trabuco at Crunchbase.