2 Reasons Unicorn Beauty Enthusiasts Will Die For Lime Crimes New Venus 3 Palette

Nobody knows ethereal beauty trends better than the funky and off kilter makeup brand Lime Crime. Long before non-traditional makeup became popular with the masses the online makeup brand was setting itself apart as a brand that was for makeup lovers who had distinct taste. According to the online fashion publication that is known as Racked, Lime Crime has long had the words “Makeup for Unicorns” as its tagline. The company has sold many products that take inspiration from the legendary creatures including lipstick shades that come in colors called Black Unicorn and Unicorn Queen, unicorn highlighter and even Unicorn Hair dye that promises to dye the user’s hair colors such as fuschia, candy blue or tropical green. The company is arguably one of the best at the unicorn beauty trend.

In addition to helping its customers continue to channel a character that could have been born from the mind of Lisa Frank, an illustrator that Racked notes might be a forerunner of the unicorn beauty trend, it is now turning its sights on enabling its customers to look as ethereal as ever. The beauty company has recently debuted a fresh product in its line of Venus palettes that is known as Venus 3. Like all of the Venus palettes before it the new Venus 3 palette references one of the most popular figures from classical mythology: Venus.

Venus 3 is a great find for anyone who enjoys the unicorn beauty trend for 2 important reasons: it has a similar color range to unicorn beauty products and it lets unicorn beauty lovers channel other mythical entities.

1.It has all the glitter and sparkles that fans of the unicorn beauty trend are used to

The Venus 3 palette comes with the following 8 shades: Rapture, Beloved, Heavenly, Dreamy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Paradise and Beam that can be used on the eyes and as a highlighter. Beam and Heavenly are shimmery, iridescent shades of lilac and rose gold that will likely catch the eye of anyone who likes the glitter and shimmer that many unicorn beauty products are well known for.

2.It allows unicorn beauty lovers to channel other beautiful creatures of the myth: the angel and the goddess

The Venus 3 palette is inspired by a goddess from classical Roman mythology which makes it a wonderful buy for anyone who likes to infuse their beauty looks with a sense of whimsy that is not too far from the unicorn beauty trend. It allows users to create what Lime Crime might call the Heavenly Grunge trend, a look that will make its wearers feel like Venus herself or an actual angel.