Duda Melzer Brings New Technology And Ideas To The Media Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known to most as Duda Melzer, recently rose to the very top of the Brazilian media industry when he took control of the RBS Group to become the third Sirotsky generation to head the company. In his speech to employees and investors upon accepting the role from his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, Duda made sure he mentioned the weight of history that sits firmly on his shoulders as he takes over the company established by his grandfather; despite this nod to the past of the RBS Group, Duda Melzer is a business leader with his feet planted firmly in the opportunities offered by new technologies.

The career history of Duda Melzer shows just how much attention the Harvard graduate has placed on new technologies in the media industry. Melzer and the leaders of the Sirotsky family agreed an education and first hand experience of working in foreign markets would benefit the young Duda, and led to his decision to complete his graduate studies and start his career in the U.S. as an executive at Box Top Media. Melzer also worked in the investment industry for a number of high profile companies before taking up a leadership role with the Sirotsky family’s own eBricks venture.

Duda Melzer has been working on a plan for the RBS Group for a number of years to make sure the Brazilian media giant has the best chance for success in the future; the attention currently placed on print media is an evolving part of the RBS Group for Duda Melzer as he sees the problems facing this industry. Attending a number of conferences and seminars operated by some of the most important technology companies on the planet is another way Duda Melzer is looking to change the face of the media industry in Brazil.