An Interview with Hawkers Co. Founder Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: How We Made It into The World of Luxury Sunglasses

Hawkers is an easy-to-miss eyewear brand in the world of high fashion. Hawkers produce minimalist, unisex sunglasses with a strong focus on design. This is especially evident in the brand’s newest collaboration’s current offering. Hawkers’ founder, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, shares some insights into how Hawkers came to be and what […]

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Introduction Alex Pissios Recap Alex is a blogger who recently announced that he was going to be stepping down from his blog, Alex Pissios Recap. He also wrote an article talking about the future of blogging in general and how social media has changed the world of blogging. One thing […]

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John Savignano is the Founder of First Business, a company that provides accounting and tax preparation services for small business owners. John Savignano is also the co-founder of Savignano & Associates LLC, which offers audit and advisory services and financial consulting to individuals, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations. John’s experience […]

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Gary McGaghey Strategies that Aids CFOS Thrive in the Private Equity Space ‍The private equity (PE) industry is a challenging one. Despite the influx of capital and new technologies, the landscape remains largely unchanged. While some firms thrive in this environment, others struggle to drive growth and maintain profitability. For […]

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What Does The Future Hold For Marketers in 2021 Precision MD is a digital health company with a mission to empower patients to take care of themselves. The company’s software connects patients with the health care professionals most likely to provide the proper care. Since its launch in 2013, Precision […]