Drew Madden And His Mission To Fix Healthcare

The healthcare industry is considered one of the big problem areas in modern American society. Now, one healthcare entrepreneur and executive are looking to fix the healthcare industry once and for all. That healthcare executive, Drew Madden, is on a mission to help millions of Americans get better care.

In a recent article, the state of the American healthcare industry was laid out in one dire chart. The chart showed that Americans spend the most of any country for healthcare. However, the country is not even in the top ten for life expectancy.

The article also lays out some possible solutions to make the American healthcare industry better for both patients as well as healthcare professionals. One of the first ideas is to create an Advanced Care Plan, where people take proactive steps to prevent acute problems from becoming chronic diseases.

Another idea was to prevent patients from ending up back in the hospital after an initial visit. One of the biggest strains on the healthcare systems is the small number of patients who seem to end up back in the hospital again and again. The solution is to create a software tool to help healthcare professionals track and treat patients at their post-acute or rehab facility.

Other health care issues laid out had to do with the tracking of patients during their hospital stay as well as tracking of a patient’s medical history. Some medical information is still manually entered and fragmented. By creating a universal software tracking system, patients and their information are less likely to get lost or misinterpreted during a hospital stay.

One of the people leading the way in modernizing healthcare information and software is executive and entrepreneur Drew Madden. For over a decade, Mr. Madden has led various teams on a number of healthcare information technology (IT) related projects. As a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Mr. Madden continues to put his Healthcare IT expertise to good use. As the future of healthcare continues to find solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities, Drew Madden will lead the way with innovative new ideas and projects.