4 Ways Nathaniel Ru Is Changing Fast Food

The End Of Salt And Grease

Sweetgreen represents the start of something never seen before in fast food. In order for us to think of food as “fast”, we require our food to drown us in calories and salt. The idea that salads giving us just about everything we could want in our food. However, that is exactly what Nathaniel Ru is delivering with Sweetgreen. Finally, fast food is healthy and made with our nutrition in mind.



The Millennial Twist On Things

Ru is a Millennial and he wants Sweetgreen to clearly reflect the sensibilities of a Millennial. This means that you don’t need to walk in and order your food before it prepared. The Sweetgreen app and website allows you to order food before you even enter the restaurant. In fact, the app is so popular that nearly 30% of all orders are placed through the app. Millennials are intrinsically tied to their phones or at least some other sort of mobile device, so their concept of fast food needs to reflect that. This truly represents Millennial culture and everything it values.



Reaching Out To The Crowds

Sweetgreen isn’t simply another attempt to make a profit. Nathaniel Ru had a specific mission he wanted to carry out and every aspect of Sweetgreen reflects this reality. To further advance the mission of Sweetgreen Ru created the Sweetlife music festival. This festival specifically focuses on uniting customers of Sweetgreen with their favorite musicians in order to create something big. Sweetlife offers the perfect opportunity for celebrities to highlight some of the most important issues of our time and convince young people they have a responsibility in changing things. Millennials are the most socially conscious generation we’ve seen and Sweetgreen reflects this.



The American Dream Revisited

The story of Nathaniel Ru is a story we’ve seen very often in American hsitory. He is the son of immigrants who came to America with the hope of creating a better life for themselves and their children. Fulfilling the duty of each successive generation in finding ways to improve upon the foundation of the former, Ru graduated from Georgetown University and opened up his own business. This story, especially in the fast food industry, is nearly par for the course. The fast food industry changes with every generation, and Millennials are shaping it into their own vision with Sweetgreen.


How SweetGreen Developed from Scratch

Currently, Sweetgreen has opened new restaurants in 40 different locations across the United States of America. The restaurant is known for offering the healthiest, fresh and most organic dishes in the US. Also, they are known for dealing with local products also. The restaurant was founded by three gentlemen while still studying at George Town University. Since then, the startup has managed to attract big names in investments such as Steve Case as well as Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer. In a recent interview, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, explained that they were focused on creating a brand would stand for something and also one that would make people feel their lives are improving by eating healthy food.


Another thing that has made the company prosper is the use of technology. For instance, according to Nathaniel Ru, most of the transactions that Sweetgreen performs are conducted through its website. The company has not established a main headquarter yet. Sweetgreen has been thinking about the management strategies that they have been using of late. They continue strategizing about how they will expand worldwide and nationally. For this reason, Sweetgreen has established an office in Los Angeles, California.


Sweetgreen focuses on a decentralized system that does not have corporate headquarter. Other than Nathan Ru, the other co-founders of this startup are Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet. By the time they thought about establishing a company, they hadn’t managed a company before. They didn’t have any information regarding the food industry. All they had in common were parents that had been successful in establishing their ventures as well as a business plan detailing their plan and budget. When they met at George Town University, they felt that the area needed a place where people would eat healthy food. This idea led to the formation of the Sweetgreen. This was back in the year 2007. According to these three gentlemen, they knew they would survive when students closed for the winter break, and they could still make sales.


Nathaniel Ru likes reading books and still says he would read more if he was given a chance to be a twenty-year-old again. Ru believes that the hardest thing to do in business is managing a team. His biggest role model and inspiration are Kevin Plank. Sweetgreen has maintained its promise to deliver the best food in the market by using locally grown foods that do not pose a health risk to its customers.

Nutrimost Suing for Damages

Nutrimost is suing another weight loss company, Healthy Living, for posting Nutrimost’s weight loss video on its website. When Nutrimost submitted a cease and desist letter, Healthy Living shortened the aforementioned video and simply reposted it on their website. Although Healthy Living finally removed the video on its website, Nutrimost is still seeking $300,000 for the damages, which includes tarnishing Nutrimost’s reputation amongst its fanbase.

Nutrimost claims that it is the “Ultimate Fat Loss System,” alleging that customers can lose twenty to forty pounds in just forty days. Nutrimost uses a supervised meal program as well as a body scan to promote weight loss in its customers.
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How Is NutriMost Fighting Back Against The Impostors?


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