Eric Pulier Wants All Disabled People to have Something Helpful

Eric Pulier started People Doing Things in the 90s when he began to create technology for disabled students. The idea was to help kids get through school, and then Eric Pulier wanted the kids to take the devices with them when they left school. He knew that he could easily help these kids by allowing them to take their devices to college and beyond, and he planned for that upfront. He made sure that anyone who wanted to have a chance at a more productive life could have it.

It is very easy for people like these kids to live well with the technology that Eric Pulier created. He wants to help as many people as possible, and he wants to see what can be done when someone goes out into the world with the work that he did.

The devices that we saw come into the school eventually left the school with the kids to go to college. Every one of these children was able to get the help they needed with their academics, and they also were able to lead normal lives. My biggest concern was always that these kids would have a hard time living normal lives, but they got what they needed from Eric Pulier and his technology program.

There are many people who are trying to get the right kinds of devices for their kids, and I know that Eric Pulier had a good idea in mind. He brought a lot to us to help our kids, and he made sure that all our kids were able to learn in school without any problem.

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What You Can Do To Manage Your Online Reptuation

Today online reputations are crucial for the health and well being of a company. Get a good reputation on the web and business could boom for you. Have a bad reputation and you may see customers disappear and never come back. While there are many parts to managing your online reputation, there is a lot you can do yourself. We provide some tips and online management that you can handle yourself without the need of a professional.

Getting positive content listed at the top of search engine results is something you can actually do yourself. You can start by setting up social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest to name just a few. Not only should you create accounts on these platforms but you should be active on them. Active social media accounts will rank high at search engine results. This will drown out negative content and expose positive content to potential clients.

Another thing you can do yourself is some basic search engine optimization. Think about keywords of phrases people will search on the web about your company, product or service. Incorporate those keywords or phrases into your headlines and titles. This will make it that much more likely that search engines will find and show your webpage or web content in their search engine results.

Finally, the best tip is to be as proactive as you can. Don’t wait for an attack or negative review to happen. Create a buffer around your brand or reputation with positive content. Address any customer concerns as soon as possible and always ask customers to leave positive feedback if they like your product.

In cases where you are suffering a reputation crisis or have a massive amount of work to do, it may be best to leave it to the pros. You can find a team of talented reputation management specialists at to help clean up negative news. They will work with you to eliminate negative reviews, ripoff reports and bad press. One of the great things about a company such as is that they offer a free quote on how much it will cost and how much time it will take to clean up your negative search results. If you feel overwhelmed or that you can’t handle the task of managing your online reputation yourself than hiring a pro may be your best bet.

Don’t Lose It, Clean It Up With SearchCleanup

So it’s happened. Somebody either blew the whistle on you because a circumstance happened to you that was out of your control, or someone didn’t like you because they had a rare bad experience with your business that almost never happens. Whatever the reason, bad publicity can surface about you or your company through no fault of your own, and sometimes what’s said isn’t always true. It can be hard at times to battle the articles and reviews that can surface on the internet about you, but you can do it with a little help, and can provide that help.


When someone starts throwing mud at you or your business, it’s best not to throw that mud back at them or revert to personal attacks. When your reputation is under attack, going that way might only damage it more and ruin business with good customers. Instead, you should reach out to your customers or followers and let them know that you’re going to keep doing business as usual, while at the same time addressing the area you were attacked on to show that you do care about them and that all issues will be addressed. But it shouldn’t stop there. What you also need to do is make sure that the record is corrected about you and your business and that all allegations put forth by review sites, blogs, and social media are dispelled or quieted with better search results.
You’re likely not going to repair your reputation on your own if you’ve had a lot of reports circulating about you, but a service like can go through and remove bad search results by addressing the complaints. To find out how they can work for you or to get a quote on their services, go to today and sign up. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.

Keeping the Haters at Bay and Getting on With Your Business

No matter who you are, whether you are in the public eye, or just a small business owner, reputations can become damaged easily, and, in many cases, the negative press is unfounded or misconstrued. For entrepreneurs reputations are very important, but are bound to be drug through the mud at some point because of jealousy or envy in many cases. Some ways to deal with the haters are underlined in an article on
First of all Entrepreneur suggests not getting tangled up in an argument with those who wish to destroy your reputation. Arguing only makes you look unprofessional. Ignoring the hate and replying in a calm professional manner pointing out the positives of your business does more to quell unwanted press. Assuring customers that you will continue your commitment to excellence despite the attack on your reputation will ease tensions. Using a reputation management firm can also help calm down any negative press. Firms such as can help push down any negative press in search results. Since Google is the new first impression, having negative press in the top search results can hurt a business, and has the expertise to clean up bad news online. The also offer free consultations.
Offering value and excellence will steer your customers away from bad press and remember why they are your customer to begin with. Ignoring the situation can make it worse. Reaching out for help either with a reputation management firm or to friends and family can help you feel better about the situation and make a plan for raising your reputation.