Beneful, for Health and for Play:

There is a common theme through many of Beneful’s commercials. The varieties of dog food they offer are not only for the health of your pet, but also to keep them active. To that end, their ads show dogs having fun. The biggest example of this is a commercial that runs nearly a minute and a half on YouTube with an almost domino like play course, usually known as a Goldberg machine. It starts off with dogs fetching a tennis ball, and includes a platform where one dog launches a Frisbee to another dog, and a wagon full of puppies that knocks over a big tennis ball, which knocks over a bag of dog food that another dog consumes.

Other commercials show owners and their dogs at play, either running around or using a toy to entertain the pet. It is all part of a light hearted theme to promote the food. But along with showing dogs they are having fun, the commercials also taut the health benefits of Beneful. Ingredients in these blends include beef, egg, oatmeal and other natural foods designed to give a dog good health and the energy necessary to have the active lifestyle shown in these commercials.

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