Richard Dwayne Blair: A Financial Planning Expert

Richard Dwayne Blair is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions, Inc. The 52 million dollar corporation is headquartered in Austin Texas. Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Moreover, Blair is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).


During financial planning Richard Dwayne Blair uses a three step process. His goal is to offer clients with a blueprint for their finances, which can assist them as they transition through significant areas in their lives. He began his firm to positively impact small business owners and individuals. Richard Blair desires to assist his clients with achieving the goals they have for retirement by offering impartial advice.


The three pillars that Blair uses provide him with the ability to assess the clients’ finances. This approach provides Blair with a broad view of the financial condition of each customer and a method to evaluate retirement needs. The first pillar provides a foundation for the financial blueprint for each client. The initial phase of planning is a time for Richard Dwayne Blair to evaluate each client’s financial aspirations and to evaluate their capacity to handle risk. This phase allows Blair to build rapport with clients and develop long-term relationships with his customers.


The second and third phases of the investment process involves ongoing investing and performance monitoring. Investment strategies which are used for long-term investing are developed in the second pillar. During this phase, Blair capitalizes on the movement in the market capitalize on gains in the market and lower the in the influence of downturns in the stock market. Lastly, the third pillar involves monitoring a client’s portfolio. Blair monitors a client’s account to track the performance of portfolios and assess if the clients are on target with meeting their financial aspirations.


Greg Secker’s Involvement in Forex Trading

During a recent interview conducted by Lynne Fosse, a senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Mr. Greg Secker opened up about his time in school, where he studied agriculture and food sciences. He also gave an overview of his breakthrough in finance. Greg’s life in the university was quite perplexing because, apart from studying, he also involved himself in building and selling computers. This exposed him to computer literacy and because of his immense interest towards this field; he was able to get skills on how to code in the older programmes. Being a computer geek then, Greg ended up building a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle.

Greg got his first job after attending a Job fair and talking to the guy at the Thomas Cook financial services stand. After a while, Greg was offered a chance to work on the currency trading floor that was building the Virtual Trading Desk. Being a chance taker, Secker took the offer without hesitation. Working on the Virtual Trading Desk, he was able to realize that he had interest in forex trading. This is because he had to code for all the functions of trading strategies and along the way, he understood the way forex trading works.

After making a good amount of forex trading, Greg decided to retire and started attending seminars during the free time he now had. He got inspired by people such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Dr. John Demartini to be a motivational speaker with a Forex trading perspective. Since 2003, Greg Secker has spoken on stage approximately 6,000 times. He has talked about his dedication and ambitions on large platforms such as Success Summit Congress, National Achievers Congress, the Wealth expos in the United States, and across the Pacific.

Greg formed a foundation, The Greg Secker Foundation, which according to him, has a core mission to endorse the youth with life skills so that they can have a chance to shape their future at a young age. Being a philanthropist, Greg was named to the board of ambassadors for City Philanthropy. According to him, this is a good chance to provide information about on-going causes in the UK and also get more business persons and entrepreneurs to give back to the society.