The Contribution of Jorge Moll to the Neuroscience Community

Jorge Moll MD PhD, the president director of D’Or Institute for Research Education (IDOR) and postdoctoral graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1994) Brazil medical school, has made several contributions to the research and studies of the neuroscientific field through his extensive skill and insight in the medical scientific field including but not limited to Prefrontal Cortex, fMRI (2003), and Morality. Follow Jorge on With the ongoing growth and development of many scientific fields, Neurology and Neuroscience are by far a couple among many disciplines surrounded by curiosity as all human beings possess a direct first-hand experience with the concepts presented concerning human behavior, cognitive functions, and influences. The topics included in Jorge Moll publications are likely to be considered rather intriguing by the common reader due to the gap that is bridged between socially understood complexes of human behavior and moral emotions to the lesser known neurological correlations and neuroscientific perspective. As briefly stated in the description of Jorge Moll’s Functional Networks in Emotional Moral and Nonmoral Social Judgements (2002) web article publication, “Reading daily newspaper articles often evokes opinions and social judgments about the characters and stories” which provides an in-depth analysis of thought processes involved in a socially common practice to which the audience would likely be otherwise oblivious.

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The article description further states that “Social and moral judgments rely on the proper functioning of neural circuits concerned with complex cognitive and emotional processes” which further supports the idea and development of neuroscientific correlations and entailment in daily activity. A couple of Jorge Moll’s other publications are Feelings of Shame, Embarrassment and Guilt and their Neural Correlates: A Systematic Review (2016) and The Neural Basis of Moral Cognition (2008) Besides being elected governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society (2012-2013) Visiting Scholar Award, Jorge Moll has acquired other notable accolades and awards such as the DiOr Institute for Research and Education Awards and distinctions, Research Fellow NIH Award (2004), and his being elected as affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2008). Watch this video on Youtube.

FreedomLife insurance, how to choose it, and why you shouldn’t be without it.

There are few things that you can count on in this life. Almost everyone has heard the phrase “nothing can be said to be certain, except Death and Taxes.” And while hardly anybody wants to die, it is a fact that mortality among the human race is virtually 100%. However one’s passing does not have to mean financial hardship for the loved ones left behind. Life insurance is not a luxury item. It is a necessity for anybody who has a family that depends on their income.

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An alarming statistic shows that while 85% of adults sampled in a study believe life insurance is important, only 63% of them said they currently had some in place. There are a number of reasons for this fact. People don’t like to think of their own mortality, so they prefer to live in denial about it. A large number of the people in the study just didn’t know how to choose from the available choices. Another hurdle is that people simply don’t know about companies like Freedom Life Insurance, Primerica, and Xander Insurance which provide a wide range of insurance products that can provide better service than the bigger players.

Generally speaking there are two main types of life insurance. Term life insurance is the less expensive option for a young adult. Basically speaking, if you are young and healthy, your likelihood of dying is pretty low. So getting a term policy is fairly inexpensive and easy to get. The down side to term is in the name, when the term expires, so does the protection. And term policies get more expensive as you age and your health deteriorates. Freedom life insurance, Primerica, and Xander have a number of term options that fit most budgets.

The other mayor type of insurance is permanent life insurance. This type of insurance, like its name suggests, is permanent, which means it does not expire. Permanent life insurance is more expensive than term, but once its paid off it will never expire. There are several variations on this type of policy, whole life, universal life, variable life, etc. But they all have the same common idea, its insurance that you buy and a cash value option that can grow as a tax free investment.

For more detailed information you should speak to an agent of a reputable insurance company. Be aware there are plenty of options available and don’t settle for the first quote you get. Freedom life insurance, Primerica, Xander, Metlife, Prudential, and ING are just a few of the many options available. Do your homework, and remember your passing does not have to mean financial ruin for those that depend on you.

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Is Nutrisystem Good for Men?

Nutrisystem for men is a diet plan that provides men with a convenient, affordable and highly effective way to lose weight.

Work, family commitments, and gym expenses combine together to demotivate men from living a healthy lifestyle. The obligations are a great hassle to live a healthy lifestyle. While many men look forward to calorie counting and weighing every portion of food; some belief in spending hours in the gym.

Irrespective of the hurdles in the journey of staying fit, men can still take care of the health through effective diet plans.

Diet Meal Delivery Plans

The diet-meal delivery plans are pre-measured portions that provide you all the necessary nutrients and elements for a healthy body.

Measuring portions and taking care of each portion are a very tedious job and makes diet control process less effective. The Nutrisystem for men diet meal comes in pre-portioned packaging, making dieting a convenience for the busiest person in the world.

Men Lose Weight Differently- They Lose It Faster!

Men have naturally more muscles than women. The muscles have a higher metabolism than the fat, which helps in burning calories and fat. In comparison to women, men can intake more calorie and thus have fewer cravings for food and can burn the fat effectively.

The male sex hormone encourages more testosterone and higher metabolism, which is just the opposite of that in women.

The diet meal plan takes care of fulfilling the calorie requirement of men thus, trimming them down gradually.

Is It a Man’s Diet Plan?

The planned diet knows the calorie requirement of men and provides them with 1500 calories per day. The Nutrisystem is planned to fulfill the needs of wide range of categories that includes teenagers, diabetics, and people with heart ailments, thyroid and others. The systematic diet plan helps you lose up to 2lbs per week without cutting on your calorie count.

What will I eat?

For breakfast:

1. Waffles
2. Pancakes
3. Muffins
4. Granola cereal
5. Chocolate Biscotti

For lunch and dinners

1. Tuna
2. Mushrooms
3. Chicken breast
4. Meatloaf sandwich

Lean 13 for Men

The Lean 13 for Men is specially designed plan for people who want to lose weight faster. It is a 7-day turbo plan that loses weight drastically. It consists of;

1. 1 week specially designed meals
2. 7 days of probiotic protein shakes
3. 1 week of NutriCrush bars packed with fibers and hunger crushing elements.

The conventional diet plans follow after the 1st week of Turbo plans. In general, Men can lose up to 13lbs in the first month of Turbo Plan.

Health Screening at Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a successful company that is privately run and focused on the wellness and prevention. The company was started in 1993 and has its main offices located in Austin, Texas. Lifeline performs health screening services on community basis particularly for adults who reside in the United States. Colin Scully and Timothy Philips are the main founders of Lifeline Screening. They established the company after they spotted a chance in the wellness and prevention sector. Both Colin and Timothy have worked in the health sector for a long period and has extensive skills and experience when it comes to healthy living. They serve as the company’s top executives and share the same vision and goals with the company.

Lifeline Screening has exhibited massive growth and success since it was founded many years ago. Through the exemplary leadership of Timothy and Colin, the company has managed to expand and now has its operations in the United Kingdom. By 1998, Lifeline Screening had its operations all over the United States and offers screenings to more than 500,000 people in the country. The company recently included the finger-stick blood testing for inflammation, diabetes, and complete cholesterol count to its health screening services. Lifeline Screening has employed top experienced physicians who possess the right skills and knowledge needed to perform screening services efficiently.

In 2007, Lifeline Screening launched its services in the United Kingdom. In 2008 it included the atrial fibrillation screenings to its screening services. Lifeline also began providing their services in 2012 in Australia and was known as Screen for Life. Since it was established, Lifeline Screening has conducted over a million screenings, and this includes ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs, and blood screenings. Lifeline uses the above screenings to detect diseases such as peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm as well as atrial fibrillation.

Lifeline Screening offers simple, non-invasive and quick health screenings. Most of the time, a client requires very minimum or even no preparation when going for screening. People are however advised to wear loose clothing that will not interfere with the screening procedure. It is also important to wear short sleeves and avoid turtlenecks when going for a health screening. Doctors advise patients to put on an open collar shirt that is also short sleeved when preparing for health screening of carotid artery disease and atrial fibrillation. Patients should also not apply any oil or lotion; wear a watch and pantyhose.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel- A Doctor with Calculated Moves

The exciting life of fulfilling our lives desires makes it hard to get quality sleep and make our bodies relax. Most people have gone ahead and used coffee as their anti-sleep pills. Our bodies need to get enough sleep for rejuvenation and improvement of our general health.

Lack of adequate sleep has different symptoms like red eyes and wrinkles. Doctors who specialize in sleep disorders advice that for your body to fully recover from your daily hustles and get rejuvenated for other activities six to seven hours of deep sleep is required. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an educated man who has passion in solving sleep disorders. He states that sleep apnea affects all kind of people, regardless of age and status. The shortness of breath associated with sleep apnea can cause lots of discomfort and sometimes tongue flaps and tonsillitis due to air obstructions.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has studied sleeping disorder for the last fifteen years, a certified dentist with a passion for people globally enjoy their sleep. He uses his tactical dentistry experience with years of studying sleep disorder to offer the best solution to sleep apnea. Dr. Avi is a well-respected dentist who over the years has worked hard to own his dental practice known as Old Bride Dental-care. Dr. Avi went to the University of Rutgers where through hard work and dedication he got his degree in psychology and Biology.

Later he advanced his education and perused dental surgery from the University of Newyork. After practicing in the different dental clinic, he opened Old Bridge Dental-care which has won numerous awards of the best dental clinic in Newyork. Through years of offering dental services, Dr. Avi noted that most of his patients suffered sleep apnea and he decided to combine the two specialists to give the best help to his patients.

In 2012 he gathered his courage and opened the first ever sleep disorder platform Owner Unlimited Sleep. The primary purpose of the platform was to give an open channel of communication between dentists and sleep experts to share their concerns, views, and treatments of sleep apnea.


Amicus Therapies – Leading Biotechnology Company

A global biotechnology company that provides advanced therapy with the ability to treat a wide range of devastating rare diseases is Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. They have a highly intelligent developmental team that is catered to treating human genetic disease. The company is located in Cranbury, New Jersey, where they have been providing treatments since 2007 under the NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD (GoogleFinance). Amicus has a history of being funded by a variety of venture capital firms that include Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and many others. They continually focus their efforts of diseases with particular disorders called lysosomal storage disorders. Amicus Therapeutics divides much of their concentration to focus on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy that demonstrates a platform of development geared towards enzyme replacement therapies. In 2014, Amicus was known for having the largest portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones in the entire pharmaceutical industry.


Amicus Global produced migalastat which is a treatment for Fabry disease that helps to stabilize endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase. They eventually took part in a three-year collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline and JCR Pharmaceutical to further research the coformulation with recombinant alpha-galactosidase. The combined efforts were performed from 2010 – 2013. Amicus decided to open another site in 2008 which they placed in San Diego.


For many years, Amicus Global has been producing lifesaving treatments for those who suffer from genetic disorders. They utilize the most advanced technology with state of the art trained engineers to provide the best products available in the industry. Their platform of technology and products administered with a unique potential rate them to be one of the leading companies in the world ( They work hard to continue to provide excellent services for each patient and give them hope for a better future. With their expanding expertise and services throughout the nation, you can expect to hear more from their prosperous work. The employees at Amicus believe in the fight for life and work to support the patient along with their families. They are passionate about what they do and believe in the ethics of the business along with their passion to make a difference.

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