Working at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is UK-based support and cares home for the seniors. The primary objective of the group is to take control of the health of the old through psychological and physical stimulation. We encourage physical exercise to lead a healthy life. The institution began in 1985. Today, the group has over 17 homes with more than 500-bed spaces around Sussex. People entrust our services. Also, our level of understanding is of a distinctive nature. Every new member receives a healthcare plan to guide him or her while under our care.

In every home, we have a qualified team of nurses who look after the healthy development of each resident. Also, we employ an experienced chef in every home to aid in the preparation of a delicious meal, especially to residents who need special dietary. Working at Sussex Healthcare requires you to be patient with the residents until you observe a healthy development. Apart from taking care of the seniors, we take care of the needs of adults with developing statues, like autism, neurological condition, learning disability, and brain injuries. Our residents participate in community activities, like gardening. The activities that take place at Sussex should be fun and have a sense of healing. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

At Sussex Healthcare, we provide a conducive environment for recreational activities and leisure. Also, we develop a healing environment where patients care for each other. Additionally, we have amenities, like specialized gymnasium, track hoists, swimming pools, and multi-sensory rooms. We know that every patient requires individual therapeutic attention. Thus, our services are of an exceptional nature.

In March 2018, Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new chief executive officer. The CEO acquainted herself with the ongoing activities in the institution. With the short period in the organization, Morgan-Taylor visited all homes around Sussex addressing the workers, residents, and the whole community. The appointment showed that the group is ready to improve its services this year and in the future. The individual worked in various public and private healthcare institutions holding multiple leadership positions. Morgan-Taylor brings a 30-year experience in the institution. The CEO began her career in 1984 as a mental health nurse.



Sussex Health Care Taps A New Chief Executive Officer; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Health Care is famous for being a leading service provider for healthcare services in the UK. Also described as a private company, Sussex Health Care has two branches in different geographical locations. Alongside having specialists onsite, the company provides several services customized to fit the individual needs of every patient. Perhaps the most fundamental bit of how this company operates is having the ability to customize healthcare services to meet every patient’s needs.

Background Information on Leadership
Recently, Sussex Health Care appointed a new chief executive officer; Amanda Morgan- Taylor has taken over the realms of the company’s leadership with the sole intention of bringing a wealth of particular knowledge into the healthcare department. Before her appointment, she played instrumental roles in managing different healthcare departments through intense periods of change in various organizations.

Career and Experience
Amanda’ career dates to 1984 when she served as a service manager for a company that specialized in healthcare provisions. At the same time, she strives to expand her scope of service by managing different healthcare departments. Alongside her ability to work with external authorities in the industry, she brings in a revolutionary touch to Sussex Health Care.

Additional Information
Without a doubt, Sussex Health Care is better placed to provide support services to the older generations. Inclusive of the disabled, this organization has trained professionals equipped to provide advanced health care services coupled with beneficial results. Besides that, Sussex Health Care has in place the latest techniques that it uses to build a strong portfolio of medical care. This portfolio has often paved the way for high-quality services coupled with therapy sessions to cater for patients.

We all understand that every patient, old or young, has varied personal needs. Consequently, Sussex Health Care has developed a secure healthcare system that has groups as well as trainers for social activities. These activities are inherently fundamental to the well-being of patients.

The Overview
Conclusively, Sussex Health Care has an additional team that is trained to provide various techniques for healthy living to patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, mental impairments or any learning disabilities among other related disorders. The additional services offered in this category of diseases include physical therapy, alternative treatments, occupational therapy, reflexology, art therapy, multi-sensory services and therapeutic protocols. Perhaps one exciting therapy that Sussex Health Care provides is the underwater treadmill that provides patients who suffer from the loss of motor skills with the chance to have fun.

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Sussex Health Care, Excellent Health Care Company

Sussex Health Care has been making up for all of the needs that the health care field has been missing. Over the years in the United Kingdom, the amount for quality health care givers have been constantly decreasing, while the demand for people in the health care field has been constantly increasing.

Sussex Health Care is a health care facility that has been around for more than 20 years as of now. They have about 20 facilities located within the United Kingdom and the facilities have been doing lovely. Sussex Health care has been helping bring more quality health care workers to their facilities to provide the patients with quality care.

Sussex Health Care’s staff members are some of the best that the health care field has to offer. The staff is given the best treatment and the some of the best training that the health care field has to offer. Even though all staff members are required to be licensed, Sussex Health Care also requires their staff members to go through training to make sure that they are able to provide care to their patients. In fact, as long as staff members are employed with Sussex Health Care, they will continue to receive training.


In addition to Sussex Health Care providing top notch training to their staff members, they also provide their patients and residents with the most modern health care tools. These tools help staff members give quality care to their patients as well. Between the quality staff members and being in possession of the best health care, Sussex Health Care has set their team up to provide great health care to their patients.

Sussex Health Care does a great job with providing their patients with great care. Their staff members give all of their patients a great sense of hospitality. Making patients feel like they are at home is something that Sussex Health Care does very well. This is part of their goal to ensue that their customers are in the best mental state of mind while receiving care from Sussex Health Care.

With all of this in mind, this is how Sussex Health Care has been able to keep providing people of the United Kingdom with the best care in the country. This care home plans to continue their amazing works for many more years to come.

Health Screening at Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a successful company that is privately run and focused on the wellness and prevention. The company was started in 1993 and has its main offices located in Austin, Texas. Lifeline performs health screening services on community basis particularly for adults who reside in the United States. Colin Scully and Timothy Philips are the main founders of Lifeline Screening. They established the company after they spotted a chance in the wellness and prevention sector. Both Colin and Timothy have worked in the health sector for a long period and has extensive skills and experience when it comes to healthy living. They serve as the company’s top executives and share the same vision and goals with the company.

Lifeline Screening has exhibited massive growth and success since it was founded many years ago. Through the exemplary leadership of Timothy and Colin, the company has managed to expand and now has its operations in the United Kingdom. By 1998, Lifeline Screening had its operations all over the United States and offers screenings to more than 500,000 people in the country. The company recently included the finger-stick blood testing for inflammation, diabetes, and complete cholesterol count to its health screening services. Lifeline Screening has employed top experienced physicians who possess the right skills and knowledge needed to perform screening services efficiently.

In 2007, Lifeline Screening launched its services in the United Kingdom. In 2008 it included the atrial fibrillation screenings to its screening services. Lifeline also began providing their services in 2012 in Australia and was known as Screen for Life. Since it was established, Lifeline Screening has conducted over a million screenings, and this includes ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs, and blood screenings. Lifeline uses the above screenings to detect diseases such as peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm as well as atrial fibrillation.

Lifeline Screening offers simple, non-invasive and quick health screenings. Most of the time, a client requires very minimum or even no preparation when going for screening. People are however advised to wear loose clothing that will not interfere with the screening procedure. It is also important to wear short sleeves and avoid turtlenecks when going for a health screening. Doctors advise patients to put on an open collar shirt that is also short sleeved when preparing for health screening of carotid artery disease and atrial fibrillation. Patients should also not apply any oil or lotion; wear a watch and pantyhose.

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USHEALTH Group and Family of Companies Offering Full Portfolio Health Coverage

USHEALTH Group is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and through its subsidiaries (National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America); the company is committed to offering insurance covering solutions. Its services targets are: innovative life, accident & disability insurance solutions and specified disease/sickness for self-employed people, small business owners, families and employees. Through its insurance servicing organizations, USHEALTH Group has catered over 15 million clients with offered individually tailored packages in a span of at least 50 years.

In issues dealing with accident and specified disease/sickness coverage, USHEALTH Group family of firms comprehends that every client has varying necessities. We trust in choice and know that our clients genuinely value the plan of options given by our team. Our clients choose the protection coverage that most matters to them. Thus, USHEALTH Group has established a wide portfolio of coverage that uniquely boosts customer choices. Likewise, our technological product designs ensure the USHEALTH Group team addresses the special needs of every client in matters dealing with affordability, flexibility and reliability within their coverage selections.

For those clients who are either on a restricted spending plan or are worried about satisfying a high yearly deductible before they get any advantages from their protection arrangement, we offer an arrangement of creative items which give first dollar advantages to insured services and considerable system rebates over an expansive range of suppliers. These arrangements are ordinarily more affordable than more thorough arrangements, yet they still provide the main dollar insurance and confirmations that a constrained assurance plan gives. See also.

For clients who need the security of a more customized scope approach and can bear the cost of a predetermined level of cost sharing, the plans offered by USHEALTH’s group of organizations dealing with Specified Disease/Sickness and also Accident Plans give welcoming arrangements that are adaptable, moderate and solid; the signs of USHEALTH Group’s progressing dedication to consumer loyalty. Regardless of the kind of health coverage they pick, we assist our clients to upgrade their assurance with our complete line of subordinate items including: Critical Illness, Accident, Income Protector, Dental, Vision Plans, Specified Disease/Sickness, Short Term Accident Disability Income and Term Life Insurance.

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The Contribution Made by Jeanmarie Guenot and Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. in the U.S. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Jeanmarie Guenot is presently the President of Amphivena Therapeutics, a healthcare company in San Francisco, California. She has gained a lot of experience in her 20-year career working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Amphivena Therapeutics specializes in developing immune therapies for cancer treatment. Amphivena Therapeutics is a subsidiary of Affirmed Therapeutics AG, which was established in 2012 and its headquarters are located in San Francisco.


Since its formation, the company has been leading in the development of remedy antibodies for blood cancer treatment, which is Jeanmarie’s passion. The intention of the therapeutic antibodies is to enhance the patient’s natural immune system to generate antibodies that can unite to focus on the molecules on tumor cells and destroy them.


Amphivena Therapeutics is a privately-owned company. The firm’s parent company, Affimed Therapeutics AG as well as MPM Capital and Aeris Capital are some of the institutional investors that contributed to its first funding round. Jeanmarie strikes up new and mutually beneficial partnerships with other industry stakeholders to ensure the continuity of Amphivena Therapeutics’ research projects.


The Career of Jeanmarie Guenot


Guenot was accredited her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of California. Her career took off right after getting her Ph.D. She worked as the chief scientist in Preclinical R&D at Hoffman-La Roche.


Jeanmarie heads Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. as President. Her duties also include project management, commercial development, venture capital, R&D. She provides consultation services for licensing, M&A, project management, and financial planning. For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, she offers alliance and finance management services.


Jeanmarie Guenot has pioneered a successful contract between Hoffmann- La Roche and PDL. The deal will see the collaboration of the two companies in commercializing and developing their drugs. Today, Jeanmarie is involved in numerous studies and research projects aimed at coming up with medical breakthroughs that will help patients not only in the United States but also globally.

Innovacare Health: Providing Insurance Packages At Low and Affordable Prices

If you are seeking optimal levels of health insurance but have been unable to land a company that provides you with what you think you may be needing at prices that are more affordable than most, then it is advisable for you to look into the service offerings of Innovacare Health insurance packages. They’re offering some of the best deals of healthcare insurance packages at prices that are basically unbeatable.

Innovacare Health insurance providers are aware that at a time when health insurance is essentially becoming mandatory by law, a commodity that is being required for all people to possess, many companies are using this period of time to increase their prices so that they’re able to profit as much as they’re able to. It is basically them maximizing on their opportunities of profiting, however, it’s important to note that this does not mean that you cannot find a viable option. You simply need to find the right sources to lead you towards the right direction. Let this piece of guidance mentioned here let you know that Innovacare Health is perhaps one of the best options that you can take advantage of in the healthcare department. Not only are they offering great solutions of healthcare packages, but they’re also showing the healthcare world that they have some of the best physicians service packages.

If you would like to sign up for Innovacare Health programs, then you may be wondering about their prices and other pertinent details. Such details can be found on their website. If you are still unable to find the answers that you need in pertinence to your questions, then please refer them over to a representative at the helpdesk by contacting customer service. Innovacare is constantly striving to improve the lives of their customers. If this is a benefit that you would like to experience and benefit from, please take the time and opportunity that you’ve got today by signing up for and enrolling in the health program that is made available to you by Innovacare Health.

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The company’s CEO Rick Shinto had been awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award in 2012. He continues to exemplify excellence in all of the work that he does. His values and work ethic should be enough to persuade you into enrolling in a company that he operates and guides through decision making.

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InnovaCare Embraces New Measures In Efforts To Streamline Operations

InnovaCare has remained among the best-rated managed healthcare providers in Puerto Rico. For the past one decade, the company has remained among the most efficient and reliable within Puerto Rico, something that has seen their users of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid program rise to more than 200,000. InnovaCare Health has earned a reputation for the position the company has held in the market over the years and in recent developments they made changes that are meant to propel the performance of different products further.

One of the areas that received changes is the kind of technology available for different operations. InnovaCare Health has taken steps to boost their network and to upgrade their equipment to match modern facilities. This process has enabled the company to emerge strong and focused on its operations and they are working on training their staff to equip them with new skills that can improve customer service.

Most importantly, InnovaCare has brought in a new set of executives on, who will steer the company to its glory. Jonathan Meyers, an actuary with impeccable skills at his profession, is one of those that got an appointment to lead the company. He functions as the head actuary and he brings more than 10 years of experience and unique knowledge that has been key in the management of the company.

Before getting an appointment to join InnovaCare Health, Meyers worked as the director of actuarial services at Horizon BCBS in a section that offered Medicaid and Medicare services. Jonathan also served at Health Partners as the chief actuary, so his experience record is something that should help him manage InnovaCare Health better.


Mike Sortino is an accountant who has worked in different positions in several companies for a period of at least 20 years. He has also taken part in several government projects and he worked with Samsung Fire Insurance Company for a period of five years prior to joining InnovaCare Health.

The leadership
Dr. Richard Shinto is a respected professional who has contributed to the development of clinical science. Apart from working as the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto has emerged as a prolific author and his articles and journals address clinical healthcare. Managing InnovaCare Health has been a fulfilling experience because he has steered the company from a basic platform to the current position where it ranks among the best in the country for managed healthcare services.

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This has not been possible without some support from Penelope Kokkinides. She is the Chief Administrative Officer and her input has contributed to the development of new and effective policies for the administrative office.

The Plus Points of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare provides healthcare services to residents of the U.S., and a good percentage use Medicare Advantage plans instead of the traditional Medicare Original. A Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of private health plan that offers Medicare benefits. Most people use the Medicare private health plans because of the advantages they offer, so to speak. Before you can start considering a Medicare Advantage Plan, understand the difference from the original plan.

Type of Care

For one, a Medicare Advantage Plan should provide all the services that come with Medicare Original. The traditional program includes two sections; that is Part A covering the inpatient care and Part B for the outpatient care. With the original Medicare health plan, a beneficiary always has coverage for urgently-needed care and emergency. One difference in the type of care provided under each program comes in part D, which allows for prescription drug coverage. You cannot pay for drugs under Medicare Original.

The extra services available in a private health plan will depend on the provider. Most offer routine vision care which is not available with Medicare original. Dental and hearing are the other extras that come with advantage plans. However, always ensure to double check with a provider to know about all the services covered by a private health plan.

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With a Medicare Advantage plan, you have to pay for the Part A (if you have it) premium and the Part B and D, which come with the plan. A private health plan has a monthly premium, and this varies between companies. Always find out about the out-of-pocket limits when buying Medicare Advantage Plan.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a health care provider that offers Medicare Advantage Plans and physician services. The provider prides itself as a leader in providing services that are not only sustainable but incorporated with modern technologies. InnovaCare has teams of leading physicians and medical professionals who strive to provide quality healthcare services while upholding the highest standards of integrity.

The leadership of InnovaCare is helmed by Dr. Rick Shinto who is the CEO-President, the same position he held at Aveta from 2008-2012. Dr. Shinto has worked in clinical and operational healthcare for two decades. He is flanked by Penelope Kokkinides the CAO who is an expert in the field in her own right after working for 20 years. With the help of other leaders, the two work to improve the services and products InnovaCare Health puts on the market.

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Innovative Healthcare Services Available at InnovaCare Health

Medicare Advantage plans
Medicare Advantage plan is a health policy offered by private companies. The private companies are licensed and compensated by the government to provide healthcare plans to people. Medicare Advantage plan intends to enhance the services that were provided by Original Medicare by offering cost effective programs with more medical benefits such as dental and eye care.

Medicare Advantage plans provide all services that were available under the original Medicare cover. However, the plans may not provide services that are deemed to be not medically necessary.

The major differences between Medicare Advantage plans from the original Medicare are;
– Insurance policies are provided by private companies.
– They cover all services in the original Medicare plus other extra services that are medically beneficial.
– They have a fixed yearly out-of-pocket spending.
– The policies have different rules depending on an insurance company.

Common Medicare Advantage Schemes
The most common schemes provided under Medicare Advantage plans include;
Health Maintenance Organizations
Preferred Provider Organizations
Private Fee-for- Service
Special needs plans
Provider Sponsored Organizations
Medicare Medical Savings Accounts.

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Choosing a plan that suits you may be challenging. This is because different companies provide the services using different rules. Moreover, different Medicare Advantage plans differ in their description of services covered.

To be sure that you get a Medicare Advantage plan that suits you, it is recommended that you seek advice from reliable Medicare Advantage service providers. To be legible for Medicare Advantage plans, you are required to be enrolled in Medicare Part A, and Part B premiums and to be living in the place where your program is offered.

When you want to make a decision to enroll in Medicare Advantage plan, visit a reputable service provider that will advise you on each Medicare Advantage plan. InnovaCare will also advise you on how each scheme may be beneficial to you based on your current state of health.

Medicare Advantage Plans
InnovaCare Health is among the leading service providers of Medicare Advantage plans in North America. Their excellent service is due to real leadership from its well-experienced executives, Richard Shinto, the CEO, and Kokkinides Penelope, the Chief Administrative Officer. InnovaCare helps its clients to enjoy services under various Medicare Advantage plans and its customer-centered services.

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Similarly, Penelope Kokkinides has been an executive officer in leading healthcare providers for over 20 years. Based on their visionary leadership, InnovaCare has become a leading provider of standard Medicare Advantage plans across North America.

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