Thor Halvorssen Wants To Save People In Trouble

Thor Halvorssen is someone who wants to save people in the world who are oppressed, and he wants to be sure that people have an outlet to save themselves. He started the Human Rights Foundation to be sure that people can get help with oppression, and he wants to go in and help people who cannot cry out for help. There are some things that happen that people have never heard of, and that is because the news is not rife with these stories.

Thor Halvorssen uses his position at the Human Rights Foundation to make sure that he can talk to the world about things that matter to him. He knows that every person who has been hurt around the world needs to be given a chance to change their life, and he also needs to help them see that they are heard. They might see news of their plight in other news outlets, and he is going to make sure that he keeps saying it until people listen.

There is a major education issue in the west where Thor Halvorssen knows that people are not aware of what is going on. These news stories are helpful because they make it easy for people to make themselves heard even if they are stuck in places where people will never hear them.

He runs the Human Rights Foundation out of New York trying to reach as many people as he can, and it means something to see people becoming more of themselves.  It is helpful that Thor Halvorssen has chosen this after his life in government work.

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