Eric Pulier Wants All Disabled People to have Something Helpful

Eric Pulier started People Doing Things in the 90s when he began to create technology for disabled students. The idea was to help kids get through school, and then Eric Pulier wanted the kids to take the devices with them when they left school. He knew that he could easily help these kids by allowing them to take their devices to college and beyond, and he planned for that upfront. He made sure that anyone who wanted to have a chance at a more productive life could have it.

It is very easy for people like these kids to live well with the technology that Eric Pulier created. He wants to help as many people as possible, and he wants to see what can be done when someone goes out into the world with the work that he did.

The devices that we saw come into the school eventually left the school with the kids to go to college. Every one of these children was able to get the help they needed with their academics, and they also were able to lead normal lives. My biggest concern was always that these kids would have a hard time living normal lives, but they got what they needed from Eric Pulier and his technology program.

There are many people who are trying to get the right kinds of devices for their kids, and I know that Eric Pulier had a good idea in mind. He brought a lot to us to help our kids, and he made sure that all our kids were able to learn in school without any problem.

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