Desiree Perez Leads the Way for Women in Music Industry

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Roc Nation since 2009, Desiree Perez has led the music conglomerate to become one of the world’s largest and most successful. She has done this while large shying away from the spotlight. Staying out of the public eye is becoming increasingly difficult for the music executive. In late 2017 Perez was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the music industry’s most powerful executives, an accolade that has been a long time coming.

Prior to being named to lead Roc Nation Perez was ran rap mogul Jay-Z’s SC Enterprises for the better part of a decade. Prior to that, Perez had ran a number of successful music and entertainment venues in the New York City area, where she gained a reputation as a tough businesswoman with a tough negotiation style. Des, a native of New York, has been a business advisor and close friend of Jay-Z for over twenty years and when he named her the COO of Roc Nation, many who did not know her were surprised. They quickly discovered why she had been named to the position.

In 2016, Des was named to head up Roc Nation’s new music streaming service, TIDAL. She took quick action to make the company viable by negotiating a deal with Sprint. The deal gave the telecommunications giant a one-third stake in the company for $200 million. The deal immediately paid huge dividends, giving TIDAL exclusive access to 45 million Sprint customers. She has negotiated a number of deals for Roc Nation clients including BeyoncĂ©’s Foundation Stadium deal, Rihanna’s Samsung deal, and baseball star Robinson Cano’s $250 million deal with the Seattle Mariners.

While Desiree Perez chooses to stay out of the limelight, those in the industry recognize here as a force to be reckoned with. As a woman in a male-dominated world, Perez is leading the way for woman to breakthrough in the industry.