Alex Pall Talks About What Makes The Chainsmokers Different From Other Musicians In Their Genre

Alex Pall is one-half of The Chainsmokers while Drew Taggart is the other half. They are a DJ and dance duo who have released three albums and a number of singles in the past few years. One of their last releases was “Closer” which they performed with Halsey and which went on to great international success. One of the things that Alex Pall says separates them from their contemporaries is that they have a hand in writing their own songs, something other in this genre don’t generally do. This makes their songs more personable and about themselves and their own lives which fans of The Chainsmokers appreciate.

When The Chainsmokers first formed as a duo Alex Pall was teamed up with someone besides Drew Taggart. That member left the duo which meant Alex Pall had to find another person to team up with. A person who was working for Alex Pall’s manager and told Drew Taggart about The Chainsmokers and that he would be a great fit. They ended up soon meeting and as Taggart puts it they were in love at first site. They started performing with each other every day and before too long they started finding a lot of success in New York City which spread outward from there.

Alex Pall says that he uses social media to check out who are fans of The Chainsmokers. He says that they have fans all over the world now, even in nations such as South Africa and the Philippines. Many of their fans are 16 to 25 but they also have a lot of fans over 30 and under 15. He said that when The Chainsmokers first started out they could just do a DJ set for college students. Now they need to work a lot harder in order to put on a great performance for a much more diverse audience when performing live.

Alex Pall says that they have now gone on world tours three times. They don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over so they push themselves musically to get better and go in different directions as time goes on.