The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United

Formed in 2015 of March, End Citizens United has been in the forefront opposing massive funding of political aspirants running for various public offices. The sponsors of such frequently hold the politician’s hostage and the leader end up becoming a proxy. People who help steer the movement are small regular people who are patriotic of their state and the country as a whole. They contribute and make pledges that have helped the PAC stable and running. The organization is determined to ensure that the people who are brought to office are reformists who will not let the citizens electing them down.

Regarding finances, they are well, and by August of 2015, they had more than 2 million dollars, and they are of late worth more than 30 million dollars. Their good cause has been appreciated by the population. When you visit their website, you will learn more about them their Twitter and Facebook handles are about their latest news, they also encourage the people who want to be leaders to join the group. They will be supported financially and endorsed as non-partisan leaders who will be taking care of the people’s needs.

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There is a race for a congress seat where Randy Bryce is running, and End Citizens United has endorsed him. The candidate has been receiving help financially by the organization this is because they have been looking for leaders who are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. They want individuals that will put the citizens first. Paul Ryan is now going to have a high opposition from Randy Bryce. He is already creating ripples in the inner circle of the speaker Paul Ryan. End Citizens United are seeing that the race that is yet to come is a battle between giants and the whole country will watch it keenly.

People who will vote are going to be given a choice between a status quo and another of economic, social and legislative change. Bryce has good principles that aim at standing up for the people and opposing a regime that is oppressing the poor. He is vocal on some points that he wants a connection between the Washington and the average local citizen. Bryce recognizes the fact that Ryan has more finances and links to the White House, but he believes that his ideologies will outshine the strategies that Ryan has in place.

Bryce has been continuously seeking to improve not only his life but the life of others by contributing to charities. Ryan, on the other hand, has been receiving easy money from large firms. They have in the long run held him hostage and is currently their slave. He, therefore, cannot fight for the interests of the typical American Citizen who is working hard to pay his bills and ensure that his/her family is comfortable.

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George Soros Stands Tall Despite Waves of Right Wing Rhetoric

If you mention the man named George Soros in a room full of strangers you are instantly going to come across a variety of different responses to him. To the American left wing of the political world George Soros is something of a folk hero and learn more about George Soros. He rose from nothing in order to become one of the wealthiest men on the planet and now he is uniquely focused on pushing and embracing progressive values all around the world. To the people on the right wing of the political world George Soros is the perfect scapegoat: he is incredibly wealthy and always willing to stand up for what he believes in. As a result, Soros has become something of a boogeyman to conservative politicians and followers the world over. The truth is that George Soros is a principled man who has a long history of standing up for what is right, and that is what we are going to look into today and read full article.

George Soros came to America in the early ’50s and before long he had established the Soros Hedge Fund. As an investor Soros took tremendous risks in order to ply his trade and ended up coming into the crosshairs of several powerful conservative players. Soros was involved in shorting the British pound and he also worked during the Asian Financial Crisis, drawing the ire of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Doing nothing more than his job, and proudly standing for liberal politics, Soros became an instant boogeyman in the eyes of the right wing political world and more information click here. As a result there have been plenty of conspiracies told about the man behind hands and in hushed tones. Those conspiracies are always outrageous and almost hilarious if not for the fervent way that they are shared among right wing echo chambers and what George Soros knows.

George Soros rose to his highest political notoriety during the early ’00s when he became a vocal critic of George Bush and the decision to storm Iraq and escalate confrontation. Soros would go on to back John Kerry and eventually Al Gore in their election campaigns thus completing his transformation as billionaire into enemy of the right wing. This continues to today as George Soros is one of the loudest and most vocal critics of the brash and dangerous President Trump. George Soros deciding to return to politics was enough to wake up the fierce right wing hate machine once again, but that hasn’t stopped Soros from continuing to be a public presence and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

One of the darkest elements underlining the conspiracy theories regarding George Soros is in line with rabid antisemitism among those on the right wing. Professor Mark Fesnter, from the University of Florida, claimed that multiple claims against Soros were rooted in antisemitism . Still, nothing has cowed Soros yet and we don’t anticipate it happening soon and Follow his Twitter.

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George Soros Spent Millions This Year

Big Spending And Big Expectations
Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros spend a fortune in 2016 on political contributions. With the 2016 U.S.A presidential elections, the Syrian migrant crisis, and Brexit this year spiked the interest of George Soros. This year did not turn out well for the left. Brexit passed, European countries are pushing for tougher immigration policies, and Donald Trump is now president election of the United States. It wasn’t an easy fight for the right however. Soros and other powerful donors ensured that these political movements were ultimately close calls barely holding enough influence to succeed.

The European Scene
A major focus of Soros’ attention early on this year was in Europe. Europe experienced two major events this year motivated by concerns over immigration. The first of these concerns was the increase in migration from North Africa and Syria. Migrants are fleeing their countries due to war and a lack of economic opportunities, but E.U countries are struggling to assist them. In an effort to aid these migrants Soros gave the E.U $500 million dollars. Despite his efforts the migrant crisis would eventually result in the success of the Brexit campaign and other victories for the European Right.

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The Trump Effect
After the nominations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the Democratic and Republican party nominees Soros took serious interest in the American presidential campaigns. Awakening from a long period of inactivity in American politics he decided to give $8 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. This contribution was soon followed by other major donors pitching in to give Hillary’s campaign a financial boost. Eventually Hillary Clinton was the center of the largest campaign in American history, but all of that effort would ultimately go to waste.

A Shocking Turn Of Events
The 2016 election took an unexpected turn of events. Although most polls placed Hillary Clinton with a comfortable lead Donald Trump ultimately eeked out an electoral college victory with gains in midwestern states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. While George Soros found this news upsetting he has prepared for this unexpected outcome. He has shifted his focus towards finding a way to make sure that Trump fails to enact his agenda and restore power to the progressive left. To do this he turns to his fellow liberal donors.

The Democratic Alliance
To combat the rise of Donald Trump George Soros is relying on the Democratic Alliance. Formed in 2005 by Soros and other progressive donors the organization focuses on coordinating political contributions to targets the donors have collectively agreed to support. Last year the Democratic Alliance formed a new project called “2020 Vision”. This effort focuses on increasing the political influence of Democrats on a state level to eventually improve power on a national scale. To reach their goals the donors are seeking to improve outreach and has offered to support movements such as Black Lives Matter. Whether or not George Soros is successful in turning things around will come to light in the coming years.

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