The Fagali’I Airport – Non-Aeronautical And Aeronautical Matters

Ok, let’s get down to business! The Fagali’I airport hasn’t publically reported any drastic instances of its expenses exceeding its income in recent times, so because of this profiting claim, we can only assume that the Fagali’I airport’s aeronautical and non-aeronautical components of its business are at least stable.

It’s runways, aircraft stands, facilitation, security and staff has to come to terms as satisfactory, right? Maintenance, performances and consistency is critical and the Fagali’I airport has concluded exceptional results in these areas in the past and seems to still be on board today. It was a time when airlines of the Fagali’I airport would have to land their airplanes on grass landing strips, which caused slippage and difficulty with stopping on cue. But, thankfully, the Fagali’I airport made necessary adjustments by adding a pavement landing strip which would work out quite well in later years. Although a small airport, the facility provides necessary components for adequate airline functioning, along with a customer service staff of rich Samoan culture that pleases its guests, to say the least.

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As far as non-aeronautical matters are concerned like parking, retail, rentals, etc., the Fagali’I airport accommodates accordingly. There is a great little retail store on the inside – which includes a friendly customer service representative who will know the store inside out – for visitors to purchase tasty snacks, beverages, magazines and souvenirs. Sufficient parking, an handy rental car service and more. Non-aeronautical matters have been known in previous years at a number of airports to exceed the income provided by aeronautical matters.

The numbers on the Fagali’I airport’s income isn’t available, but researchers have revealed that the small airport’s top airline carriers flies out over 300 flights per month. The Fagali’I airport entails two airlines: Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways according to

The Fagali’I airport is located just a hop and a skip from the center of Apia – the capital of Samoa. Apia is one of the most highly reviewed vacation spots in the world. Temperatures are 85 degrees all year long and beaches are beautifully maintained, including tons of fun activities to get involved in. Exhilarating fun for the entire family!