Marc Sparks Entrepreneurial Ambitions

Marc Sparks is a man of faith, passionate, focused and have savvy of monetization. He is an entrepreneur who invests and grows other entrepreneurs. He is entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. He has a humble history though he rose to be a conquer of business.

He is an outgoing person who believes that success is achieved by treating people with respect, fairly and with honesty. He is disciplined and has a warm sense of urgency that enables him to pursue new ideas as fast before they get corrupted.

Marc’s passion for helping others made him build The Samaritan Inn, a shelter for homeless in Texas. Marc Sparks resides in Dallas and creates portfolio companies with founding entrepreneurs from his private equity firm who share the same vision.

During his mission of supporting and investing in other entrepreneurs, Marc met Lynne Sipiora and agreed to collaborate in assisting the community as a team. They came up with the idea of building a home for homeless and offer entrepreneurship training and motivation.

They started The Samaritan Inn with a $3,000,000 annual operation and had been running for 15 years.the inn houses and feeds over 200 people every day.

Also, they have also built the first transitional living apartment complex located in North Texas, established a thriving thrift store, and have fostered $7,000,000 family shelters that are currently under construction

After some time in operation, Marc Sparks and Lynne have come up with a new program to fund entrepreneurs called Spark Tank.

Marc has hired a diverse pool of professionals in strategy, creative, public relations, digital, media and research from local businesses, its staff, and other agencies. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

The motive and the purpose of his program is to give start-up entrepreneurs an opportunity to work with marketing professionals at the front-end of the process of business growth.

The applicants are required to be a 501c3 organization with at least two years operating history.

Organizations dealing in animal services, human services, and the arts are eligible to apply.

Faith-based initiatives that have nonreligious purposes are also eligible to apply the primary objective and the mission of the program is to Empower social entrepreneurs giving them an opportunity to present their ideas to the world.

Entrepreneurs come up with new ways that will assist them such as tactical and strategic marketing communications and business growth ideas that would help maximize their chances of success.

The announced winner is recognized and funded to make his plan a living success. The program also offers applicants an opportunity to mingle and share ideas coming up with new ways of assisting one another.

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