The Rise of Alex Hern as an Industry Captain

Alex Hern currently works at Tsunami VR as Co-Chair, CEO, and Co-Chief Executive Officer. He also serves on the board of Silicon Valley Internet Capital as an Executive Vice President as well as its Co-Chairman since it began. For the past ten years, Mr. Hern focuses his efforts on incubating and developing tech startups. Despite a tight schedule, Alex Hern still finds time to serve on the boards of organizations such as Inktomi and IRDG, Triton Network Systems, ArcSight,, Mobile AirWaves, and CloudShield. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Mr. Hern previously worked for New Homes Realty as the Manager before joining as a board member and co-founder. Alex Hern also served on the board of through IPO until when CMGI acquired it for $650 million. Mr. Hern also worked for Radialpoint as a Manager and Inktomi Corporation as a co-founder and board member. As the Managing Director of Tsunami Studios, Alex Hern specializes in the development of simulation, 3D rendering, visualization, and animation solutions. The firm also provides on-demand performance assessment services, and its AI-powered devices are compatible with any electronic gadget. Tsunami is the latest endeavor of Alex Hern, and it serves industries such as manufacturing and construction, healthcare and life sciences, aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial equipment, and energy. Follow Alex Hern on

At Tsunami VR, Alex Hern specializes in developing solutions to make workplaces more efficient than before. Tsunami VR is a digital workstation, which comprises Tsunami Workplace and Tsunami Studio, which focuses on the visualization of 3D solutions. Alex Hern has an extensive educational background and has been working across multiple industries, which have enabled him to hone his managerial skills. Mr. Hern has worked across seven sectors including Health and Life Science, Industrial Equipment, and Construction and Manufacturing. He has been instrumental in the exponential growth of Tsunami VR as its co-chairman and co-chief executive officer.