Patty Rocklage, a Massachusetts-Based Family & Marriage Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a famous marriage & family therapist based in the Sudbury City of Massachusetts. She is an experienced and accomplished professional that is known for her warm communication style. She considers it a privilege to help families, couples, and individuals in overcoming and working through the struggles of their lives. She went to the University of Southern California from where she graduated in 1981. Her professional career spans over a period of more than twenty years.



Patty Rocklage is married to Scott Rocklage who is Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The couple visited the institute’s chemistry department in July 2016. They were celebrated for the gift they offered to the Building 2 of the prestigious educational institution. Patty’s husband acquired his Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT in 1982. They contributed to the cost required for the renovation of nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space.



During his Ph.D. studies, Scott was under the supervision of Professor Richard R. Schrock who was a Nobel Prize winner in the field of Chemistry. Professor Bawendi and his two graduate students showed Scott and Patty the newly renovated lab. They also showed the plaque on the lab’s vestibule where the names of the couple were displayed. Tributes for the couple were paid by former Department Head, Sylvia Ceyer, current Department Head, Timothy Jamison, and Professor Bawendi.



In a 2010 newsletter of the department, Scott said that he has always been an accomplishment fanatic and survivalist. He had no idea that these skills would be needed so much at MIT. He considers himself very lucky that Professor Richard R. Schrock accepted him into his research group which was full of men and women with big dreams and big intellects. The group was led by Dick’s drive for success, and every member of the group had his value to overachieve. It is because everyone in the group had realized that old achievements were not enough to distinguish them and their work. Scott further said that he was lucky to find some lifelong friends at MIT which included Clayton Wood, Jere Fellman, and Howard Turner. However, the atmosphere was quite volatile due to glove-box time, reagents, and competition for projects. The same atmosphere was also the reason why every graduate student showed his best performance.



Patty and his husband once walked into the showroom of Sudbury Kitchen & Bath for the renovation of their home. The showroom is now the Design Center of Sudbury Companies. They couple had a pleasant surprise which most people had experienced before them. They wanted to renovate different sections of their house and were thinking of hiring different sub-contractors for this purpose. To their surprise, Ed Freedlender and his staff at the company had the capability to renovate their entire house fully.