Doug Levitt Covers The Story Of The Forgotten Men Of America

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries


Doug Levitt is a musician, writer and former journalist. His book, called the Greyhound Diaries covers more than a decade of travels across America by bus. In the Greyhound Diaries Doug Levitt describes the people he sees and has conversations with. He also describes what he calls the forgotten man and woman in far off corners of the United States that are often ignored or unknown to a vast majority of people and the media.


The Greyhound Diaries was inspired by the worsening economic situation and growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States. During his travels, Doug saw people struggle to make ends meet without the luxury of being able to travel by car. This is something most of us take for granted.


Mr. Levitt describes his journey by bus through America as being enlightening. The ideas of class division, racial division and political division faded away when Doug Levitt was sitting side by side with people of all races, political affiliations and classes across America. When you are riding together on a bus and using public transportation, you begin to realize what you have in common with your fellow people instead of what you have in difference. Doug Levitt realized that most of us, regardless of stories in the media or preconceived stereotypes want the same thing. That is a happy and prosperous life in a safe community.


The travels across America to both big cities and small towns off the beaten path, also inspired Doug Levitt to compose songs which he compiled into a musical album that is called the Greyhound Diaries EP. The album contains four songs that reinforce the themes found in Doug’s nonfiction book, the Greyhound Diaries. Doug now also travels across the United States as a performer, where he performs songs that he composed while on the road.


Doug Levitt was born and raised in Washington D.C. to a middle class family. He worked as a foreign correspondent for major news networks before coming back to the United States and deciding to embark upon a journey across America by bus. He says his inspiration for the journey was to find out what the condition of the American people was really like, especially during economic downturns.