Copa Star revolutionizes the hospital experience

There is a hospital in Brazil that has set exceptionally high standards for other medical institutions all over the world. It is located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana, and the name of the hospital is Copa Star. Now, what makes this hospital so special and unique compared to others.

For starters, this medical institution looks more like a five-star hotel. It is luxurious and features beautiful design. It was intentionally built to set a new standard and to start a revolution for hospitals by prompting them to transform into something better and more beautiful. The waiting area sports plush couches that are far more comfortable and luxurious than the plastic chairs in my other hospitals. The walls of Copa Star are lined with beautifully framed paintings and other pieces of art. In fact, Copa Star has an entire art gallery. The hospital houses approximately 231 paintings by the famous Japanese painter Yutaka. The personal Copa Star gallery is open to the patients who can visit at any time they would like and enjoy the beauty of the paintings.

Another astounding feature of the hospital is the specialized wing that is built to provide a swift transit of employees and the transporting of patients in need of quick medical attention such as surgery for example. That has allowed the public corridors of Copa Star to be easily maneuvered by the visitors. It makes the corridors so much more peaceful when there are no anxious nurses and doctors running to get to their patients and bumping into people as they try to get where they need to be as quickly as possible. To no surprise, the specialized ward has proven especially useful in the cases when time is of the essence.

The unpleasant smell and the harsh lighting usual to other hospitals are also not part of Copa Star. The air is constantly laced with a woody and citrusy smell, and homely lighting has been installed to create an atmosphere of calmness. The patient’s rooms are also well designed. Each sports a plus couch as well as a coffee table and chairs.

A remarkable part of the Copa Star hospital is the way that the staff members interact with the patients. Both doctors and nurses believe that environment plays a significant role in a patient’s recovery. Doctors and nurses threat their patients as something more than that, they bond and become good companions during long and painful recoveries. There is an overall family-like atmosphere at the Copa Star hospital that has been a huge factor as to why people prefer Copa Star over other medical institutions.

Copa Star has indeed set high bars for other hospitals to strive for, but the more hospitals take Copa Star’s example, the better for the patients.

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Patty Rocklage, a Massachusetts-Based Family & Marriage Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a famous marriage & family therapist based in the Sudbury City of Massachusetts. She is an experienced and accomplished professional that is known for her warm communication style. She considers it a privilege to help families, couples, and individuals in overcoming and working through the struggles of their lives. She went to the University of Southern California from where she graduated in 1981. Her professional career spans over a period of more than twenty years.



Patty Rocklage is married to Scott Rocklage who is Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The couple visited the institute’s chemistry department in July 2016. They were celebrated for the gift they offered to the Building 2 of the prestigious educational institution. Patty’s husband acquired his Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT in 1982. They contributed to the cost required for the renovation of nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space.



During his Ph.D. studies, Scott was under the supervision of Professor Richard R. Schrock who was a Nobel Prize winner in the field of Chemistry. Professor Bawendi and his two graduate students showed Scott and Patty the newly renovated lab. They also showed the plaque on the lab’s vestibule where the names of the couple were displayed. Tributes for the couple were paid by former Department Head, Sylvia Ceyer, current Department Head, Timothy Jamison, and Professor Bawendi.



In a 2010 newsletter of the department, Scott said that he has always been an accomplishment fanatic and survivalist. He had no idea that these skills would be needed so much at MIT. He considers himself very lucky that Professor Richard R. Schrock accepted him into his research group which was full of men and women with big dreams and big intellects. The group was led by Dick’s drive for success, and every member of the group had his value to overachieve. It is because everyone in the group had realized that old achievements were not enough to distinguish them and their work. Scott further said that he was lucky to find some lifelong friends at MIT which included Clayton Wood, Jere Fellman, and Howard Turner. However, the atmosphere was quite volatile due to glove-box time, reagents, and competition for projects. The same atmosphere was also the reason why every graduate student showed his best performance.



Patty and his husband once walked into the showroom of Sudbury Kitchen & Bath for the renovation of their home. The showroom is now the Design Center of Sudbury Companies. They couple had a pleasant surprise which most people had experienced before them. They wanted to renovate different sections of their house and were thinking of hiring different sub-contractors for this purpose. To their surprise, Ed Freedlender and his staff at the company had the capability to renovate their entire house fully.



Forty Million Bottles Sold: WEN By Chaz Delivers Great-Looking Hair, Again And Again

As women, we enjoy our beauty routines and get used to doing the same thing continuously. The saying “Old habits die hard,” really seems to affect many of us.

Shampooing with lather formulations appears to be one of those common habits difficult to break. Some think that a lather shampoo is the only way to thoroughly wash the hair.

Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean knows otherwise, and that is why the veteran hair care expert developed the WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo system. His incredible botanically-based formulas do everything a shampoo and conditioner do and much more. WEN has sold more than 40 million bottles all over the world; that says something about the man, his line and integrity.

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WEN cleansing conditioners are the healthy, natural way to care for hair. One bottle cleanses like a shampoo, conditions, de-tangles, deep conditions and acts like a leave-in conditioning treatment. There is zero lather and zero harmful parabens and sulfates like other shampoos and conditioners. Best of all, these cleansing conditioners smell heavenly and leave behind strong, full, shiny tresses, no matter what hair type you have.

Who wants to pour parabens and sulfates onto their scalp and hair? Think about it; these chemicals are the same ones found in our household cleaning products like laundry detergent.

WEN’s cleansing conditioners are wonderful to massage into the scalp and hair, because these natural plant-based ingredients are gentle, soothing and protect strands from root to end. Just one wash with WEN creates a key difference in the hair. Your tresses will be softer, smoother, shinier and easier to manage.

WEN By Chaz is so pure and healthy, Chaz Dean has also created a WEN Kids line and WEN Pets. All of these hair care items are made into cleansing conditioners that create gorgeous manes.

Innovacare Health: Providing Insurance Packages At Low and Affordable Prices

If you are seeking optimal levels of health insurance but have been unable to land a company that provides you with what you think you may be needing at prices that are more affordable than most, then it is advisable for you to look into the service offerings of Innovacare Health insurance packages. They’re offering some of the best deals of healthcare insurance packages at prices that are basically unbeatable.

Innovacare Health insurance providers are aware that at a time when health insurance is essentially becoming mandatory by law, a commodity that is being required for all people to possess, many companies are using this period of time to increase their prices so that they’re able to profit as much as they’re able to. It is basically them maximizing on their opportunities of profiting, however, it’s important to note that this does not mean that you cannot find a viable option. You simply need to find the right sources to lead you towards the right direction. Let this piece of guidance mentioned here let you know that Innovacare Health is perhaps one of the best options that you can take advantage of in the healthcare department. Not only are they offering great solutions of healthcare packages, but they’re also showing the healthcare world that they have some of the best physicians service packages.

If you would like to sign up for Innovacare Health programs, then you may be wondering about their prices and other pertinent details. Such details can be found on their website. If you are still unable to find the answers that you need in pertinence to your questions, then please refer them over to a representative at the helpdesk by contacting customer service. Innovacare is constantly striving to improve the lives of their customers. If this is a benefit that you would like to experience and benefit from, please take the time and opportunity that you’ve got today by signing up for and enrolling in the health program that is made available to you by Innovacare Health.

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The company’s CEO Rick Shinto had been awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award in 2012. He continues to exemplify excellence in all of the work that he does. His values and work ethic should be enough to persuade you into enrolling in a company that he operates and guides through decision making.

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Clay Siegall’s Tireless Quest To Meet Cancer Patients Unmet Needs

As head of Seattle Genetics since 2002, Clay Siegall is proud that the company was the first to receive FDA approval for an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is marketed under the brand name ADCETRIS. Used to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma patients who have not responded to chemotherapy, ADCETRIS’s antibody targets lymphoma cells and then delivers an anticancer drug. Siegall has said that Seattle Genetics is working to gain FDA approval to widen ADCETRIS’s use, which combined with the company’s plans to augment its drug pipeline, interests investors. Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics’ stock price has nearly tripled in the last five years.

A frequent featured speaker at industry events, Siegall impresses audiences with his dedication to improving therapies for cancer patients. One of his responsibilities as CEO is to raise capital for Seattle Genetics to continue their research, an area that Siegall excels in. Bringing in more than $350 million from licensing agreements alone, Siegall ensures that Seattle Genetics will continue to develop breakthrough therapies that will benefit cancer patients.

With a dozen new drugs in development, Siegall is focusing on increasing the therapies available for cancer patients, which has been his goal since he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Xconomy reports that Siegall, in addition to running an ambitious biotechnology company, is on the Board of Governors of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance and on the Board of Directors of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association. Also serving on the Boards of Directors for three private biotechnology companies, Siegall is extremely busy; nevertheless, he told Seeking Alpha “We think we can be the next big important biotech company.” This means Seattle Genetics would need to develop drug after drug, however, when it comes to new ways to meet cancer patients unmet needs, Siegall does not rest.



A Golden Health Insurer: Troy McQuagge Has Beaten Them All

Winners have something in common. They are able, focused and highly organized. They set objectives and then work toward these set objectives with a passion only known to champions. Most importantly, they believe in achieving quality results. This is a fitting description of UShealth Group CEO Troy McQuagge, the serial gold award winner. Health insurance is one of the most competitive industries with the most stringent of regulatory enforcements in the United States. For a CEO or company to emerge the winner, he/she has to be the best of the best. Troy is best of the best. The obvious question most readers will ask is this: how did he beat all that competition? Did he dream himself onto the golden throne?



Troy McQuagge has been CEO of USHealth Group since 2014. He is reformist at heart. His time at the helm has been one long crowning moment for both the Group and himself. Growth figures have been stunning. When he joined in 2010, his first task was to identify areas of the business that needed rejuvenation. He identified the weaknesses in the distribution arm and set about the task of reforming it. What is the point of magnificent products sitting pretty on a shelf, gathering dust? He asked. USHealth Advisors flourished quickly and with it the whole business.



USHealth is based in Texas. It is an insurance holding company with a focus on small business owners. The group offers an avalanche of services, all tailored to suit the needs of the current health insurance market in the United States. The group boasts of a highly skilled workforce whose superb relationship with customers has helped to popularize the group’s products and services.



A graduate of the University of Central Florida in the legal field, Troy McQuagge has so many awards to show. In 2007, he bagged two Gold Stevie Awards. In 2012, he bagged Silver Stevie Award for leading his company to achieve the fastest growth. American Business Award followed this in 2013 for his innovation. In 2015, he won Stevie Awards for leading the best sales team. Before winning the 2016 CEO of the Year Gold Award, USHealth was awarded top status in the Golden Bridge Awards.



Apart from being a serial winner of Gold in a very competitive field, Troy MacQuagge is also committed to many charitable causes. He has done a lot -and continues to do- to help children. He is involved with humanitarian efforts at home and abroad, human rights advocating and health. Some of the charities that have benefited from his donations include HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix and Semper Fi Fund. He has also volunteered at The Phoenix of New Orleans. Troy is currently a volunteer at Trinity Habitat for Humanity.




Doug Levitt Covers The Story Of The Forgotten Men Of America

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries


Doug Levitt is a musician, writer and former journalist. His book, called the Greyhound Diaries covers more than a decade of travels across America by bus. In the Greyhound Diaries Doug Levitt describes the people he sees and has conversations with. He also describes what he calls the forgotten man and woman in far off corners of the United States that are often ignored or unknown to a vast majority of people and the media.


The Greyhound Diaries was inspired by the worsening economic situation and growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States. During his travels, Doug saw people struggle to make ends meet without the luxury of being able to travel by car. This is something most of us take for granted.


Mr. Levitt describes his journey by bus through America as being enlightening. The ideas of class division, racial division and political division faded away when Doug Levitt was sitting side by side with people of all races, political affiliations and classes across America. When you are riding together on a bus and using public transportation, you begin to realize what you have in common with your fellow people instead of what you have in difference. Doug Levitt realized that most of us, regardless of stories in the media or preconceived stereotypes want the same thing. That is a happy and prosperous life in a safe community.


The travels across America to both big cities and small towns off the beaten path, also inspired Doug Levitt to compose songs which he compiled into a musical album that is called the Greyhound Diaries EP. The album contains four songs that reinforce the themes found in Doug’s nonfiction book, the Greyhound Diaries. Doug now also travels across the United States as a performer, where he performs songs that he composed while on the road.


Doug Levitt was born and raised in Washington D.C. to a middle class family. He worked as a foreign correspondent for major news networks before coming back to the United States and deciding to embark upon a journey across America by bus. He says his inspiration for the journey was to find out what the condition of the American people was really like, especially during economic downturns.



OSI Group Continues To Provide Top Quality Service

OSI Group is a worldwide food distributor that has its humble beginnings in Oak Park, Illinois. The company was founded as a meat market in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto used his ambition and business-savvy to grow the company into a force in the local area. He named his new enterprise Otto and Sons and began distributing meat to other businesses in the area.

The food industry continued to grow. McDonald’s was a phenomenon that was spreading across the country. Its CEO Ray Kroc was looking for a meat distributor for their new restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. He chose Otto and Sons. The company developed a strong relationship with McDonald’s over the coming years. Otto and Sons had the vision to understand the needs of a giant organization such as McDonalds. They implemented cryogenic freezing in order to maintain large amounts of product while preserving freshness. This allowed Otto and Sons to supply McDonald’s with the tremendous amount of product that they were continuing to need on a regular basis. They also introduced the patty cutting machine. This innovation made it possible for Otto and Sons to deliver the meat to their largest client exactly the way they needed. Ray Kroc eventually made Otto and Sons its exclusive provider of meat.

Read more: Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. They continued to expand their operations by opening a plant in West Chicago in order to provide services to other large restaurant chains. There are currently 65 plants operating in 17 different countries. OSI is the provider of food supplies to several different major fast-food organizations including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Starbucks. It was named the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes.

Company growth means more opportunity for those who are looking for careers in the industry. OSI has hiring bases in areas such as Poland, Germany, Hungary, the UK, Asia-Pacific and the United States.

GTL refuses to accept Securus challenge

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communications, recently offered its competitor, GTL, a chance to show off its video visitation system’s capabilities in a head-to-head challenge against Securus’ video visitation technology. GTL declined. For Securus, GTL’s unwillingness to participate in the contest gave a further boost to the widely held perception that Securus is the undisputed industry leader in video visitation systems.


Detractors have many words but little to say

The challenge that Securus issued to GTL came on the heels of years of hectoring and dubious criticisms on the part of GTL. Some of these criticisms were without any merit whatever, such as GTL’s ongoing claims that Securus had somehow infringed on their intellectual property rights in the implementation of their totally proprietary software.


Other claims had the color of truth but fell apart on closer inspection. These included allegations that the implementation of Securus’ video visitation system throughout the nation’s jails was motivated by corrupt or untoward ends. Specifically, detractors noted that in jails, often times, the installation of video visitation resulted in the permanent removal of traditional, in-person visitations. They contended that this was a violation of inmates’ rights. This charge was more difficult to answer, as the first part was clearly true. Many jails had eliminated traditional visitations after they had adopted video visitation systems.


However, the second part of the allegation, that it was a violation of prisoner’s rights and, implicitly, that there were untoward motives involved, is false. It turns out that there are no constitutionally guaranteed rights for jail inmates to have access to visitations, although the legal picture with respect to prisons is more complex. But, ultimately, the reason video visitation has been used to replace in-person visits at jails is solely due to safety. What’s more, inmates who would have been talking to visitors from behind bullet-proof Plexiglas and over a pay-phone-like receiver often reported a better experience using video visitation anyway.



4 Ways Nathaniel Ru Is Changing Fast Food

The End Of Salt And Grease

Sweetgreen represents the start of something never seen before in fast food. In order for us to think of food as “fast”, we require our food to drown us in calories and salt. The idea that salads giving us just about everything we could want in our food. However, that is exactly what Nathaniel Ru is delivering with Sweetgreen. Finally, fast food is healthy and made with our nutrition in mind.



The Millennial Twist On Things

Ru is a Millennial and he wants Sweetgreen to clearly reflect the sensibilities of a Millennial. This means that you don’t need to walk in and order your food before it prepared. The Sweetgreen app and website allows you to order food before you even enter the restaurant. In fact, the app is so popular that nearly 30% of all orders are placed through the app. Millennials are intrinsically tied to their phones or at least some other sort of mobile device, so their concept of fast food needs to reflect that. This truly represents Millennial culture and everything it values.



Reaching Out To The Crowds

Sweetgreen isn’t simply another attempt to make a profit. Nathaniel Ru had a specific mission he wanted to carry out and every aspect of Sweetgreen reflects this reality. To further advance the mission of Sweetgreen Ru created the Sweetlife music festival. This festival specifically focuses on uniting customers of Sweetgreen with their favorite musicians in order to create something big. Sweetlife offers the perfect opportunity for celebrities to highlight some of the most important issues of our time and convince young people they have a responsibility in changing things. Millennials are the most socially conscious generation we’ve seen and Sweetgreen reflects this.



The American Dream Revisited

The story of Nathaniel Ru is a story we’ve seen very often in American hsitory. He is the son of immigrants who came to America with the hope of creating a better life for themselves and their children. Fulfilling the duty of each successive generation in finding ways to improve upon the foundation of the former, Ru graduated from Georgetown University and opened up his own business. This story, especially in the fast food industry, is nearly par for the course. The fast food industry changes with every generation, and Millennials are shaping it into their own vision with Sweetgreen.