The Fagali’I Airport – Non-Aeronautical And Aeronautical Matters

Ok, let’s get down to business! The Fagali’I airport hasn’t publically reported any drastic instances of its expenses exceeding its income in recent times, so because of this profiting claim, we can only assume that the Fagali’I airport’s aeronautical and non-aeronautical components of its business are at least stable.

It’s runways, aircraft stands, facilitation, security and staff has to come to terms as satisfactory, right? Maintenance, performances and consistency is critical and the Fagali’I airport has concluded exceptional results in these areas in the past and seems to still be on board today. It was a time when airlines of the Fagali’I airport would have to land their airplanes on grass landing strips, which caused slippage and difficulty with stopping on cue. But, thankfully, the Fagali’I airport made necessary adjustments by adding a pavement landing strip which would work out quite well in later years. Although a small airport, the facility provides necessary components for adequate airline functioning, along with a customer service staff of rich Samoan culture that pleases its guests, to say the least.

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As far as non-aeronautical matters are concerned like parking, retail, rentals, etc., the Fagali’I airport accommodates accordingly. There is a great little retail store on the inside – which includes a friendly customer service representative who will know the store inside out – for visitors to purchase tasty snacks, beverages, magazines and souvenirs. Sufficient parking, an handy rental car service and more. Non-aeronautical matters have been known in previous years at a number of airports to exceed the income provided by aeronautical matters.

The numbers on the Fagali’I airport’s income isn’t available, but researchers have revealed that the small airport’s top airline carriers flies out over 300 flights per month. The Fagali’I airport entails two airlines: Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways according to

The Fagali’I airport is located just a hop and a skip from the center of Apia – the capital of Samoa. Apia is one of the most highly reviewed vacation spots in the world. Temperatures are 85 degrees all year long and beaches are beautifully maintained, including tons of fun activities to get involved in. Exhilarating fun for the entire family!


PSI Pay — Wearable Wallets

PSI Pay is an alternative form of payment offered by an illustrious institution in the United Kingdom. They have recently begun offering customers a new payment method. The method is a wearable ring made of ceramic that customers can use for contactless payments. They have a joint agreement with Kerv Wearables to manufacture the rings. If a customer wants to purchase an item in a retail location, they just need to place the ring closer than 1.6 inches to the merchant’s contactless card reader. The transaction will be processed instantly. PSI Pay has built their company by being open and innovative. They are always searching for new ways to make their customers’ lives easier.

In order for the rings to be approved for public use, MasterCard had to approve them. The rings had to be certifiably able to withstand all weather conditions, extreme wear, and they had to be digitally secure. PSI Pay had the rings constructed out of a ceramic outer shell that is stronger than steel, and the inner portion is a comfortable material that is hypoallergenic. All data streams to and from the device are encrypted, and the rings do not require a charger or battery. They receive power from the point of sale station when tiny electromagnetic streams are released during transactions.


The two models of payment wallets are the American and the European. In the American model, goods and services are exchanged for currency online. The transactions are deemed like for like. The possibility of charge-backs occurs because there is no intermediary, the payment is made directly on the card to the merchant. The transaction goes through directly end to end. In the European model the wallet may have multiple payment or load card options. There may be accounts linked to ATMs, merchants for payment, and stored values. When loading any currency in such a wallet, PSI Pay allows the owner is making a purchase of E money. This type of account is most similar to a bank account. A bank account will store the value of currency, and it can have various payment cards attached to it.

The main beneficiary of the funds is the operator. In the classic example, this would be the financial institution. Until the funds are needed for withdrawal, they will be in the financial institution as E money. In effect, by storing funds in a bank account, a customer is purchasing digital money.

Read about PSI Pay and Kerv’s new product for contactless payment:

Alex Pall Talks About What Makes The Chainsmokers Different From Other Musicians In Their Genre

Alex Pall is one-half of The Chainsmokers while Drew Taggart is the other half. They are a DJ and dance duo who have released three albums and a number of singles in the past few years. One of their last releases was “Closer” which they performed with Halsey and which went on to great international success. One of the things that Alex Pall says separates them from their contemporaries is that they have a hand in writing their own songs, something other in this genre don’t generally do. This makes their songs more personable and about themselves and their own lives which fans of The Chainsmokers appreciate.

When The Chainsmokers first formed as a duo Alex Pall was teamed up with someone besides Drew Taggart. That member left the duo which meant Alex Pall had to find another person to team up with. A person who was working for Alex Pall’s manager and told Drew Taggart about The Chainsmokers and that he would be a great fit. They ended up soon meeting and as Taggart puts it they were in love at first site. They started performing with each other every day and before too long they started finding a lot of success in New York City which spread outward from there.

Alex Pall says that he uses social media to check out who are fans of The Chainsmokers. He says that they have fans all over the world now, even in nations such as South Africa and the Philippines. Many of their fans are 16 to 25 but they also have a lot of fans over 30 and under 15. He said that when The Chainsmokers first started out they could just do a DJ set for college students. Now they need to work a lot harder in order to put on a great performance for a much more diverse audience when performing live.

Alex Pall says that they have now gone on world tours three times. They don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over so they push themselves musically to get better and go in different directions as time goes on.

PSI Pay Adds a New Gadget to Their Contactless Payment Line

Contactless payment has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years. PSI Pay, a London based global e-payment solutions provider, has been pushing a lot of innovative products to contactless payments space. It recently launched a revolutionary ceramic contactless payments ring in collaboration with Kerv Wearables. This one of kind ceramic rings can facilitate payment transactions when within 1.6 inches range of the contactless card reader. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables went out of their way to make sure that the contactless ceramic rings are simple, stylish and elegant.

Why these contactless ceramic rings are revolutionary

Before PSI Pay put this rings in the market late 2017, contactless payments only came in three colors. Now, all that has changed with this contactless ring as there are 14 different color variants for you to choose from. In addition to that, these rings are very tough and durable. Zirconia ceramic used to manufacture this rings is much harder than steel silver or titanium thus you don’t have to worry about breaking or scratching your ring.

Security is essential to any payment. The best solution is always the one that makes sure that your transaction is secure and confidential. The PSI Pay contactless ceramic rings offer top-grade security for your account and transactions through top-notch encryption. MasterCard’s approval for the use of this technology on their accounts shows how their security is. Phil Campbell, Kerv Founder, praised PSI Pay for their open-mindedness to new ideas and readiness to push the industry forward.

The main types of e-wallets

There are two major types of wallets currently used to facilitate e-payments. These are:

  • The American wallet

The wallet is more common in the United States as it is widely used to facilitate online purchases. The ‘American’ wallet has features that are more centered towards online purchases from online stores.

  • The European wallet

This is a wallet that is more commonly used in Europe. In contrast to the ‘American’ wallet, this wallet is more diverse in its targets. In addition to facilitating payments for online purchases, it can also be linked to your card to enable physical purchases.

The PSI Pay ceramic ring is engineered to work perfectly with both wallets. This is one piece of payment solution that is going to take the industry to new heights.


What happens now? Kamil Idris on the state of IP Laws in 2018

In the age of Globalisation everything is super-fast and easy. This movement is touching everything and turning it into a whole new thing. Works for every important cause in the world. With too much information and ideas being available everywhere just one click ahead, it’s difficult to keep the generation of piracy in control. That’s where the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is necessary. The former Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization Dr. Kamil Idris explained clearly how globalisation is affecting the way of our protection and definition of Intellectual Property Rights in one of his interviews. Let’s see how our Sudanese politician Dr. Kamil Idris enlightened us with his knowledge about globalisation and IPR.

Dr. Idris thinks that IRP is important for every Government to encourage the innovation and creativity of every nation. Ideas, Knowledge, Information are the revenue generator of the economy globally. But along with globalisation, everything is available everywhere. Hence the piracy is not an uncommon word anymore. Creative works are now widely available everywhere that no one has any control over the Copyright infringement.

For this digital age WIPO has taken 2 major big steps internationally. They are known as WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty (WPPT). For these major programs a global harmony can be made by exchanging innovative ideas in order to find greater opportunities and coordination of enforcement procedure. With globalisation at it’s peak, Kamil Idris suggests it became easier in terms of science and technology. Data’s can be exchanged so easily that it helps with the new scientific invention to product development.


For communication being so easy, there’s one too many improved product and technology is available all over the world. As brilliant as it is to have so many new stuffs going on for the growth of economy, it can get overwhelming at times when there’s one too many applicants to patent their uniqueness. That’s why it is going to be globally processed. WIPO is providing training programs, workshops and seminars for both users of the system and the administrators of IP system globally

We like it or not we are all somehow affected by the violation of our Intellectual Property Rights. To develop a better status of a country globally, it is a must to have a legit IPR law. To value the new ideas and innovation and to sustain it, IPR can play a big role. Let’s not forget the part how IPR also helps global economic growth.

Read Kamil Idris’s full interview here:

WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights


Paul Mampilly Says That Amazon Will Overtake Apple

Paul Mampilly has been right about investments so many times. He was right about the dotcom bubble and various other economic turns and twists. Therefore, you should listen when Paul Mampilly warns us about something. He is now warning us about Apple. Paul Mampilly is saying that in ten years from now, you’ll be laughing at yourself when you think about the way people used to wait in line for hours just to get Apple’s latest iPhone. Think of the way people laugh now at those who are still into Blackberry phones. It has become a thing of the past, and in ten years from now, Apple will no longer be the large behemoth that it is now. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Apple has always been an innovative company. They introduced products that changed the world. The three major products were the iPhone, the iPad, and the Macbook. However, those times have long passed. Apple has not released another major product in a long time. Apple is quickly becoming irrelevant, and if you are an investor, you should listen to what Paul Mampilly has to say about this.

Paul Mampilly is worth listening to. He studied at Fordham University. He worked for companies such as Deutsche Bank and Kinetics Asset Management. He won the Templeton Foundation award for turning fifty million dollars in $88 million.


Now, Paul Mampilly is saying that it is Amazon that is producing products that are changing the world, not Apple. Amazon’s Alexa is being used in many houses around the world. People are using Alexa to order stuff online, turn the heat on or off, turn the lights on, open doors, call their friends, and so much more. In a few years, everyone will have smart homes that use Alexa. Apple will be something that will be relegated to the dustbin of tech history.

Just like the iPhone changed the world around a decade ago, Alexa is changing the world now. It will change the way stores operate. Apple, on the other hand, is going nowhere. Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that this has to do with the fact that Steve Jobs is dead and no longer the head of Apple. When he was alive, he helped lead Apple in the right direction. However, Apple has become stagnant without his leadership and guidance. Follow Paul on

ClassDojo Creates Positivity In The Classroom

ClassDojo was created to assist every teacher in creating a fun and creative learning environment for their students. Their mission is to connect parents, teachers, and students and work with them to come up with more than just a one-size-fits-all curriculum. ClassDojo is an app that parents, teachers, and students can use to communicate with each other when it comes to their education. They can share videos, messages, and photos throughout the school day. This allows children to share the classroom experience with other students and parents. It’s a great tool to motivate parents to bring the same educational ideas into their homes.

Currently, ClassDojo is used in over 90% of K-8 schools in over 180 countries and the United States. The app can be translated into over 35 different languages. ClassDojo has made parents feel more connected than ever to their child’s classroom experience.

The messages portion of the app allows parents and teachers to instant message each other without having to share personal contact information. It has a “Quiet Hours” feature where teachers can set away times so their student’s parents are aware that they are not available. The “Stories” section is where updating streams of videos, and pictures are posted through the day. It is broken up into three different areas: students can create a portfolio or timeline under Student Stories, teachers can share will all families connected to their classroom under Class Story, and principals and other staff can share with families under School Story.

ClassDojo is all about creating ownership, creativity, and empathy within the classroom. Teachers around the world are using the app for different positive reasons. One used the technology to help motivate his community to rebuild an impoverished school. Another used the app to her advantage to promote empathy and kindness in her classroom. ClassDojo is making it easy for students to connect and make new friends based on their common interests. ClassDojo is a nonprofit organization that is focused on improving the public education system for children from preschool to high school.

Jason Hope: Discovering the Cure for Aging

     Jason Hope is a futurist, and he is very optimistic about what the future would bring. He is fond of technological reports, and he also stated how excited he knows new technologies being introduced to humanity. One of his greatest dreams is the discovery of the cure for aging, and he has been exerting all efforts to make this technology come to life. He believed that throughout humanity’s history, one of the greatest mysteries that they tried to unravel is how to gain immortality. He made a study on the possibilities of immortality, and he was surprised to learn that it can be achieved someday by some ways.

Being a wealthy entrepreneur, Jason Hope has access to resources that can be used for his research. He set up his base in Arizona and has contacted several professionals to help him with his project. He believes that the key to immortality can be discovered in his lifetime, and he wanted to be credited as the one who discovered how it could be effectively performed. One of the beneficiaries of Jason Hope’s quest for immortality is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a not for profit organization which conducts researches on how humans can combat aging. They have been researching about cell rejuvenation, and they believe that it would be the key to immortality.

Jason Hope was impressed with how they presented their discovery, and they stated that the advancement in the field of biotechnology could actually renew the cells. It is an essential part of the process of fighting off aging because, with healthier and new cells, someone can appear younger and healthier. One of their inspirations came from the immortal jellyfish, a marine creature that can revert to its younger form by rejuvenating its cells. They are mimicking this trait from the creature, hoping that humans could also be able to perform this outstanding ability.

The SENS Foundation is still doing further research to verify their claims about the promise of cell rejuvenation, and they keep on receiving funding thanks to Jason Hope. They also wanted to let the public know that once they created the perfect product that would fight aging, they will be presenting it to the public for them to use. Jason Hope is excited with all of the development being discovered by the SENS Foundation, and he could not wait for the day when immortality becomes possible.


OSI Group: Humble Beginnings

The OSI Group got its start in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. The entrepreneur created a family meat shop that offered prime meats to the community of Oak Park Illinois. Mr. Kolschowsky expanded the business and named it Otto & Sons in 1928.

The brilliant businessman successfully established a reputation for business reliability and for offering fresh robust foods. Fast-food newcomer, McDonald’s Corporation opened its first store in Des Plaines, Illinois, which was in close proximity to the Otto & Sons storefront. Because the McDonald’s Corporation was impressed with the small meat market’s quality and business practices, they decided to utilize them as a ground beef supplier.

McDonald’s Corporation was one of the first innovators of the fast-food revolution, and as their franchises grew, Otto & Son’s demand for hamburger products expanded. This fostered an opportunity for prosperity growth for the small Illinois meat market. In 1975, Otto & Sons reinvented themselves with their new name OSI Industries. At that time, it also began serving as McDonald’s sole meat supplier.

As OSI Industries elevated, it began to adopt revolutionary technology like cryogenic food processing-this allowed food to stay fresh in a frozen state. They began installing state-of-the-art meat processing plants locally. The small outfit had a grand perspective on success. OSI Group partnered with Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC in 1999, for the utilization of their well-established Glenmark Brand. The Glenmark Brand’s plant offered individually quick frozen processing-furthering the taste, quality, and freshness of their products.

The company changed its name again in 2004 to reflect OSI Group. Soon, OSI Group expanded into other territories, creating a European and Asian Pacific footprint. The corporate leader processes food such as fish, pork, meat patties, bacon, breakfast sausage, pizza, vegetable, poultry, and dough products. OSI has 65 processing facilities in 17 countries across the world. The company that once had humble beginnings in Illinois-delivering meat only goods have expanded across the map. Today, it delivers processed customized quality goods to retail and food service industries globally.

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Desiree Perez Leads the Way for Women in Music Industry

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Roc Nation since 2009, Desiree Perez has led the music conglomerate to become one of the world’s largest and most successful. She has done this while large shying away from the spotlight. Staying out of the public eye is becoming increasingly difficult for the music executive. In late 2017 Perez was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the music industry’s most powerful executives, an accolade that has been a long time coming.

Prior to being named to lead Roc Nation Perez was ran rap mogul Jay-Z’s SC Enterprises for the better part of a decade. Prior to that, Perez had ran a number of successful music and entertainment venues in the New York City area, where she gained a reputation as a tough businesswoman with a tough negotiation style. Des, a native of New York, has been a business advisor and close friend of Jay-Z for over twenty years and when he named her the COO of Roc Nation, many who did not know her were surprised. They quickly discovered why she had been named to the position.

In 2016, Des was named to head up Roc Nation’s new music streaming service, TIDAL. She took quick action to make the company viable by negotiating a deal with Sprint. The deal gave the telecommunications giant a one-third stake in the company for $200 million. The deal immediately paid huge dividends, giving TIDAL exclusive access to 45 million Sprint customers. She has negotiated a number of deals for Roc Nation clients including Beyoncé’s Foundation Stadium deal, Rihanna’s Samsung deal, and baseball star Robinson Cano’s $250 million deal with the Seattle Mariners.

While Desiree Perez chooses to stay out of the limelight, those in the industry recognize here as a force to be reckoned with. As a woman in a male-dominated world, Perez is leading the way for woman to breakthrough in the industry.